Can Modern Medicine Successfully Incorporate Cannabis-Based Cannabinoid Treatments?

Neil Closner, Umar Syed, Angelo Fefekos, Ori Sher

Key Takeaways:
  • Opticann merges cannabis medicine with modern medicine through its CBG and CBD products.
  • The company focusses on the optimization of absorption and stability(bioavailability) utilizing the patented VESIsorb® drug delivery system.
  • Opticann was acquired by Heritage Cannabis in October 2020, which integrates the benefits of medical and recreational cannabis products under one banner.
  • The company’s CB4 brand of medical cannabis products are based on the latest medical evidence optimized for effective cannabinoid delivery.

In an era where the powers of alternative medicine have started gaining recognition, Opticann, based in Boulder, Colorado, is leading the charge in integrating cannabis-based treatments into modern medicine. Offering products targeted at healthcare, Opticann has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the alternative medicine space. The company sells CBG and CBD products, apparent frontrunners in the present landscape of cannabis derivative treatments.

Founded by industry veterans like Neil Closner, Umar Syed, Angelo Fefekos, and Ori Sher, Opticann is the embodiment of experience and innovation coming together. Using the VESIsorb® drug delivery system, Opticann aims to increase the absorption and stability (bioavailability) of their CBD and CBG products – a patented, clinically proven method known to enhance drug delivery rates.

One factor that differentiates Opticann in a crowded marketplace is its commitment to the optimization of bioavailability in their medicinal products. Utilizing their patented VESIsorb® drug delivery system, they adhere to stringent quality compliance while ensuring optimized absorption capabilities in their products. This potentially sets Opticann apart in terms of the assurance of efficacy in their CBD and CBG products.

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Additionally, their acquisition by Heritage Cannabis, a conglomerate holding a range of cannabis-based ventures, has further boosted their potential for industry-wide impact. Managed by a team that promoted MedReleaf – a resourceful producer of medical-grade cannabis – into a global entity, Opticann undoubtedly holds potential for influencing the industry significantly.

In conclusion, while there is much debate surrounding the incorporation of cannabis-based treatments into modern medicine, Opticann could well be a game-changer in breaking down this barrier. The company’s dedication to innovation, adherence to quality compliance, and their drive to ensure optimal absorption and stability in their products showcase their commitment towards merging traditional and modern medicinal practices.

As we look ahead to the future of companies such as Opticann and the industry they serve, it becomes abundantly clear that the potential for the successful incorporation of cannabis-based treatments is not only significant but also highly likely. For those who want to stay updated, check out Opticann’s website and follow their socials at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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