Can Progressive Preservation Reshape Communities And Boost Museum Engagement?

Key Takeaways:

  • Landmark Columbus Foundation is a unique entity that combines architecture, art, community engagement and historical preservation.
  • The foundation does not only maintain historical sites; it actively promotes conversation around innovative ideas and commissions new, site-sensitive installations.
  • The focus is progressive preservation, a new approach that looks at preservation not only in terms of treasures from the past, but also as living spaces that can inspire and be utilised creatively in the present and future.
  • It also focuses on the Value of Good Design and offers technical expertise in sustainable and equitable community development.
  • With in-depth local knowledge it constantly interlinks and interweaves its impact across different sectors and geographies.

The Landmark Columbus Foundation, based in Columbus, Indiana, United States, is looking to answer the question “Can progressive preservation reshape communities and boost museum engagement?”. They strive towards this goal through a balanced combination of architecture, art, community involvement, and museum and historical site preservation. Progressive preservation, as conceptualised by the foundation, is not just about preserving the past but also about breathing new life into cultural heritage through innovative programming that resonates with the public.

The foundation operates through three interconnected programs – Landmark Columbus, Exhibit Columbus and Columbus Design Institute. Landmark Columbus serves to educate and advocate for the cultural resources of Bartholomew County through research, conservation, and fundraising. Exhibit Columbus leverages the rich design legacy of Columbus, Indiana and turns it into a platform for sparking conversations about architecture, art and design. The Columbus Design Institute focuses on good design as essential for community development. It collaborates with partners and fosters meaningful investments which are both sustainable and equitable.

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What sets apart the Landmark Columbus Foundation is its progressive approach to preservation. Unlike traditional strategies that view historical preservation merely as safeguarding monuments and artefacts, Landmark Columbus Foundation sees it as a pathway to engage communities, inspire conversations and stimulate innovative installations. Exhibit Columbus, for instance, serves less as a static showcase and more as a changing canvas, instigating new perspectives and imagining new possibilities within an established architectural framework.

Furthermore, the foundation’s deeply local focus widens its impact. By providing technical services in sustainable community design and development, it empowers communities to take control of their surroundings and engage them in a meaningful way. This, in turn, has the potential to boost museum engagement as communities feel more invested in the wellbeing and appreciation of their cultural heritage.

Looking to the future, the Landmark Columbus Foundation is a sterling example of how a startup can think outside the box and reinvent the field it operates within. By debating the Value of Good Design and encouraging community participation, it is poised to play a significant role in the sustainable and equitable development of communities. Its already strong social media presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin also augments its mission, and the foundation’s initiatives can only expand from here.

For those interesed in following the journey of the Landmark Columbus Foundation, and for more stunning architecture and community development projects, make sure to visit their website for updates and details.

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