Can Robo-Advisors Revolutionize KiwiSaver Retirement Investments in FinTech Industry?

Can Robo-Advisors Revolutionize KiwiSaver Retirement Investments in FinTech Industry? Today we explore a fascinating startup from Down Under, National Capital, a fintech company focused on providing financial advice and aiding New Zealanders in maximizing their retirement investments.

Key Takeaways:

  • National Capital is working towards enabling Kiwis to secure their retirement through better investment strategy.
  • They’re using robo-advisors to provide personalized financial advice eliminating the human resource problem in the industry.
  • This innovation is transforming the financial advice sector as it makes expert advice more accessible and affordable than ever before.
  • The company’s focus on ‘accountable algorithm’ ensures ethical delivery of services.

The Context

New Zealand needs better financial security – a need that National Capital is striving to fulfill. With only a third of all Kiwi’s feeling financially secure, there’s scope for significant improvement. The foremost step is maximizing the potential of KiwiSaver, the country’s primary retirement investment vehicle. However, the availability of reliable financial advice has been a challenge, mostly due to the shortage of authorised financial advisors. National Capital is addressing this issue by utilising cutting-edge FinTech to deliver personalized KiwiSaver advice.

How National Capital Stands Out

At the heart of National Capital’s proposition is a pioneering use of client-centered FinTech. The startup is developing a Robo-Advice solution for KiwiSaver, which determines the most suitable fund for a member’s retirement goals based on their financial situation. This model contrasts with the traditional human-centered approach, as it leverages automation to resolve the mismatch between available expertise and the number of KiwiSaver members needing advice. The algorithm is designed to provide reliable fund recommendations in an ethical manner, further emphasizing their commitment to their clients.

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National Capital’s combination of personalized advice, and ethical, accountable algorithm offers a compelling value proposition in the financial services industry. This approach not only broadens access to quality financial advice but also aims to cultivate trust among everyday Kiwi’s, encouraging them to proactively engage with their retirement investments.

The Future

As National Capital continues to innovate, their future looks promising and the future of FinTech robo–advisory seems brighter. The increased accessibility and effectiveness created by their algorithm could lead to its application in other areas of finance. With the increasing acceptance of digital solutions across sectors, National Capital’s model may well forge a new norm in financial advisory services.

If National Capital can realize their robo-advisory ambitions, KiwiSaver members stand to gain a powerful tool in securing their financial futures. Stay connected to National Capital’s journey through their website and follow them on their socials, Facebook, Linkedin.

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