A New Horizon for Cloud-Based Contact Centers

Elevating business communication with a blend of Extensiveness, Flexibility, Intuition, Reliability, and Affordability.


Ease of Use
Value for Money

Unleashing the Power of Omnichannel Communication

The cloud contact center software market has been dynamic, owing to the rise of digital natives and the growing need for seamless omnichannel communication. Among these ever-evolving tools, stands out for its unmatched fusion of power, flexibility, and intuitive design.

Extensiveness: A Well-rounded Contact Center’s extensive feature-set acts as the engine driving its appeal. More than just a traditional PBX, the software boasts an IVR, ACD, and a multifaceted contact center supporting a range of communication channels, including voice, voicemail, fax, SMS, chat, email, and social. This breadth of functionality presents as a veritable one-stop-shop for businesses looking to elevate their telephony game. It ensures that no customer communication slips through the cracks, regardless of their preferred channel.

Flexibility: Adapting to Your Needs

The magic of lies in its adaptability. It is agnostic to your choice of VoIP, platform, CRM, and device. The software comfortably runs on Mac and PC using Chrome or IE, and can be easily integrated with popular CRM tools such as MS CRM, NetSuite, Salesforce, SugarCRM, or Zendesk. This flexibility is a breath of fresh air, liberating businesses from the chains of compatibility concerns and allowing them to use in the way that best suits their unique needs.

Intuitiveness: Simplifying Multichannel Interactions

Dealing with multiple communication channels can be challenging, but tackles this issue with a sleek, browser-based toolbar. Users can manage all inbound and outbound communications without ever having to navigate away from their CRM. This ease of use helps streamline workflows and enhance productivity, making a friend rather than a foe to your team members.

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Reliability: Dependable Service and Support

There’s no substitute for reliability when it comes to communication solutions. With an impressive uptime of 99.995% and a global redundant cloud-infrastructure, promises a dependable service to support your business. Built by seasoned telecommunication and IT experts, the software ensures your communication needs are met without causing unnecessary interruptions to your operations.

Affordability: High-end Features at SME Pricing

One of the most enticing aspects of is its affordability. It offers the functionality of million-dollar systems without the exorbitant price tag. There are no hidden costs or per-minute fees, and users only pay for the number of concurrent users. The software offers simple all-in-one pricing, delivering everything you need without breaking the bank.

The Verdict

Despite some user concerns about intermittent connection issues, stands tall as a comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive cloud contact center software. Its robust functionality, combined with reliable service and competitive pricing, makes it a compelling option for businesses looking to expand their telephony capabilities.

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