Could Combining Artistry and Environmental Consulting Revolutionise Sustainable Education?

  • Green Culture World Foundation (GCWF) combines artistry with environmental consulting to advance sustainable education.
  • The London-based startup empowers new generations in the cultural sector to become Environmental Visionaries.
  • GCWF offers a platform for developing and sharing sustainability best practices across networked markets.
  • The company organises networking and educational events to strengthen the worldwide green creative network.

Could combining artistry with environmental consulting herald a revolution in sustainable education? That’s the question at the heart of the London-based startup, Green Culture World Foundation (GCWF). Working across the arts, environmental consulting, and training, GCWF is pioneering a new approach to sustainability that puts culture and creativity at its core.

Founded by Susie Ambrose and Vesna Sokolovska, GCWF aims to nurture a new generation of Environmental Visionaries from the cultural sectors. Their mission is to empower these individuals with the skills, understanding, and inspiration they need to take up the charge of environmental protection.

So, what sets GCWF apart? It’s their cross-disciplinary and holistic approach. Focussing on arts, science, entrepreneurship, and philosophy, GCWF explores sustainable solutions to preserving our environment from a broad spectrum of perspectives. They go beyond traditional environmental consulting, offering a platform where creativity and innovation are valued as much as scientific scrutiny.

The other key differential is their commitment to fostering a global network of green creatives. By organising industry-related networking and educational events, they are not only disseminating knowledge and best practice but also building a community united by their dedication to sustainability within the creative industry.

Looking ahead, the future of GCWF and the green creative network they are curating seems full of promise. Their unique approach of integrating artistry with environmental consulting is not just an innovative business model, but a manifesto for the potential of culture and creativity in leading environmental preservation.

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With their vision of equipping the cultural sector with the tools they need to become Environmental Visionaries, they are instigating a paradigm shift in which art and culture hold the key to a sustainable future. Follow their mission on their website, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to keep abreast of their endeavours.


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