Could Comprehensive E-Learning Be a Revolution in Cyber Security Training Approach?

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber Security is an industry in which the demand for quality training is consistently growing.
  • Masterfully provides a comprehensive e-learning platform tailored to businesses’ specific needs and the continuity of guiding principles.
  • Leveraging decades of e-learning experience, Masterfully adapts training materials to match the team’s preferred study methodologies.
  • The startup differentiates itself with its Advisor Plus system which is equipped for in-house course authoring, learning management, and data analytics.

Could Comprehensive E-Learning Be a Revolution in Cyber Security Training Approach? This question comes to light when taking a look at the efforts of Masterfully, a San Luis Obispo based startup focused on e-learning for cyber security. As the demand for quality training in Cyber Security consistently grows, the need for comprehensive online training platforms also sees a parallel increment.

Masterfully steps into this burgeoning need with its platform, offering web application security training courses authored by technical gurus. But it’s not just the offering of high-quality courses that sets Masterfully apart, it’s the customization, the ability to specifically tailor training materials to exactly match the needs of a particular business. All this alongside a sense of continuity of guiding principles.

Where Masterfully really sets itself apart from other e-learning platforms is the implementation of its unique Advisor Plus system. This system is equipped for in-house course authoring, learning management and data analytics. This allows companies to fluidly create information security lab tests, mentoring initiatives alongside training and development programs that are unique to their particular tech stack.

Utilizing its decades of e-learning experience, Masterfully understands the necessity of not just preserving quality training but also consistently adapting to new skill sets. It adapts training content to match the preferred study methodologies of the team, thus enhancing the uptake of new skills and improving training ROI. The platform also includes exams tailored to evaluate real-world applications of knowledge.

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With the futures’ heavy emphasis on cyber security, Masterfully is perfectly poised to drive the revolution in the cyber security training approach. By taking advantage of the increasing shifts towards e-learning and the ever-present need for high-quality cyber security training, the startup seems set on a trajectory of continued growth and innovation.

As the industry evolves and the demand for specialized training grows, Masterfully remains on the cusp of learning innovation. To learn more about their unique approach, check out their website and follow them on their socials: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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