Could Remote Weighing Software Revolutionise the Industrial Manufacturing Process?

Key Takeaways:

  • Metricode provides innovative software that allows remote control of weighing process.
  • The software eliminates the need for onsite operators, thus potentially revolutionising the industrial manufacturing process.
  • With Metricode, companies can record and archive weight data, manage tare and zero scale and produce CSV files with all the weighing data.
  • Metricode showcases the potential future of the industrial sector with remote functionality.

Could the industrial manufacturing process be revolutionised by the concept of remote weighing software? The technology offered by Metricode, a thriving startup from Modena, Emilia-Romagna, in Italy, suggests that it might be. Metricode is a software company that has introduced a novel method of remote weighing which brings numerous advantages to the industrial sector, particularly those dealing with raw materials and finished products.

The company founders, Simone Costa and Davide Girelli, developed a software that connects to the scale via a serial or IP interface, allowing businesses to manage their scales remotely. This revolutionises the method in which weights are recorded, archived and even utilised in the manufacturing processes.

What sets Metricode apart from other industry participants is its ability to offer a real-time, on-site operator-free solution to businesses. The software has been designed to manage the scale remotely, record and archive the weights, manage the tare and zero of the scale, print weighing data, and produce CSV files containing all weighing data. Moreover, the system is perfectly suitable for managing weights of waste, raw materials, and finished products.

In an industry where precision and timeliness are critical, Metricode software could be a game-changer. The potential of remote control of the weighing process in real time, without the necessity of any operator on site, could drastically alter how businesses monitor their manufacturing processes and manage their resources.

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The future promises exciting potential for Metricode and its revolutionary industrial software. With the increasing digitisation of industries and growing demand for remote working solutions, Metricode is ideally positioned to help businesses improve their manufacturing processes. For more information about the startup, visit their website. You can also stay updated with their latest developments on Linkedin.


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