Delhi’s Digital Dynamo: Exploring 15 Innovative Internet Companies Transforming the Indian Landscape

Discover the cutting-edge Internet startups based in Delhi, India, revolutionizing industries with technology-driven solutions.

In the vibrant landscape of Delhi, India, a bustling hub of innovation, there is a plethora of exciting Internet companies making waves in various industries. From groundbreaking tech news aggregators to AI-driven SaaS product developers, these startups are redefining how businesses and individuals interact with technology. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable Internet companies in Delhi, each contributing its unique blend of creativity and expertise to transform the digital realm.

Top Tech News

Top Tech News is the world’s largest technology news aggregator, providing a one-stop platform for the latest tech updates from around the globe. With its extensive coverage and user-friendly interface, staying ahead of the digital revolution has never been easier.

Fypion – Marketing & Consulting

Fypion specializes in boosting customer retention and online business growth through strategic marketing and consulting services. Their expertise empowers businesses to thrive in the fiercely competitive digital arena.


Expanrr is a digital media platform dedicated to educating and motivating entrepreneurs. Through inspiring content and valuable resources, they uplift startups, paving the way for their extraordinary achievements.


Phonly is on a mission to assist everyone in making informed gadget choices by offering unbiased comparisons and insights. Since 2019, they’ve been simplifying the tech discovery journey for countless individuals.


Sarg focuses on creating content for start-up developer tools, enabling them to tap into the vast potential of the social market. With their technology solutions, they accelerate growth and success for emerging ventures.

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The RFP Company

The RFP Company offers B2B consulting, analytics, and research services, arming businesses with valuable insights to make informed decisions and drive growth.

BNCW Enterprises

BNCW Enterprises is a global enterprise offering proven marketing solutions that matter. With their innovative strategies, they drive tangible results for businesses of all scales.

Software Vital

Software Vital is a comprehensive online review, directory, and software comparison platform for IT marketing companies. Their platform streamlines the software discovery process for businesses and consumers alike.


NextBuy is a discovery platform that reviews trending products, home appliances, and kitchen appliances from various Indian online marketplace players. They facilitate informed purchasing decisions for their users.

Raj Startup

Raj Startup provides online business registration services in India, simplifying the process for entrepreneurs eager to unleash their potential in the digital realm.


Snapvision.Tech pioneers AI-based SaaS product development, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create revolutionary solutions for businesses worldwide.

Aazma, Inc

Aazma, Inc. is a student-centric e-commerce company providing learning equipment. Founded by Hiteshwar Sharma in July 2021, they strive to make education accessible to all.


Extuent is an Internet company offering services in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data automation, and IT management. Their cutting-edge solutions fuel business efficiency and growth.


FundingX is India’s premium crowdfunding platform, making fundraising for startups an effortless journey, one step at a time.


Delhi’s Internet ecosystem is thriving, thanks to these 15 trailblazing companies that are pushing boundaries and reshaping industries. With their innovative offerings and commitment to excellence, they are an integral part of India’s digital transformation journey. As they continue to evolve and disrupt the status quo, they inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and cement Delhi’s position as a hotbed for technological innovation in India.

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