Discovering Zurich’s Thriving E-Commerce Scene: 15 Companies Redefining Online Shopping

Unveiling Zurich's Innovative E-Commerce Startups


Welcome to the vibrant world of Zurich’s E-Commerce industry, where innovation and customer-centric approaches are revolutionizing the online shopping experience. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to explore 15 exciting E-Commerce companies based in Zurich, Switzerland, each making its mark in various industries with unique offerings and sustainable practices. From natural hemp products to personalized gifts and hyperlocal social search engines, these startups are reshaping the way we shop and connect. Let’s delve into Zurich’s rising stars in the E-Commerce space!

SWISS Gate AG – Empowering Wellness Naturally

SWISS Gate AG specializes in producing and distributing innovative and exclusive natural hemp products. Their focus on holistic well-being appeals to health-conscious consumers seeking high-quality hemp-based solutions.

NetandBuy (new SOORT®) – Inspiring Responsible Consumption

NetandBuy, now known as SOORT®, aims to inspire responsible consumption. Their E-Commerce platform offers eco-friendly products, encouraging customers to make sustainable choices.

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fabas – Swiss Legumes for a Nourishing Lifestyle

fabas brings you the goodness of locally grown Swiss legumes with a delectable range of food products like hummus, bean burgers, and falafel, promoting healthy and sustainable eating.

SHAREaLOOK – Unleash Your Fashion Sharing Style

SHAREaLOOK is a peer-to-peer rental fashion platform, where fashion enthusiasts can share their style and create a sustainable, budget-friendly wardrobe.

Petitpeu – Thoughtful Gifting, Delivered with Care

Petitpeu is an online platform that lets you customize and send personal care gifts, making every occasion special and memorable.

Looria – Your Trusted Product Review Companion

Looria curates, analyzes, and summarizes the most trusted product reviews, helping customers make informed choices while shopping online.

CAR FOR YOU – Simplifying Car Buying, One Click at a Time

CAR FOR YOU offers a seamless online platform for buying new and used cars, providing customers with a stress-free car purchasing experience.

Loonawell – Nourishment for Your Furry Friends

Loonawell is an online store catering to pet owners, offering a wide range of dog food and pet nutritional products for happy and healthy pets.

MyBikePlan – Your One-Stop E-Bike Shop

MyBikePlan is an online E-Commerce store dedicated to bicycles, e-bikes, and accessories, encouraging a sustainable and active lifestyle.

Vision Group Holding – Visionary Eyewear for You

Vision Group Holding distributes top-notch contact lenses and sunglasses through their digital platform, ensuring clarity and style for all.

Netgen Switzerland AG – Digital Experiences for Business Growth

Netgen Switzerland AG is a seasoned expert in developing complex websites and E-Commerce solutions, empowering businesses to thrive online.

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LeVisual – Artful Expression, On-Demand

LeVisual is an online art gallery where contemporary art can be rented or purchased, making art accessible to all art enthusiasts.

Circled GmbH – Discover the Hyperlocal Social Search Engine

Circled brings together Google and TikTok, offering a unique hyperlocal social search engine to connect users and businesses effortlessly.

Switcher Online Shop – Printed and Embroidered Textiles for All

Switcher Online Shop delivers premium printed and embroidered textiles, including T-shirts, polo shirts, and pullovers, combining style and sustainability.

Dancing Queens – Let Your Feet Do the Talking

Dancing Queens specializes in selling stylish dancing apparel and shoes for women and men, helping dance enthusiasts step into the limelight.


Zurich’s E-Commerce scene is a hub of innovation, sustainability, and convenience, driven by these 15 exceptional startups. From pioneering hemp products to enhancing our fashion choices and simplifying car buying, each company brings something unique to the table. As they continue to evolve and disrupt their industries, these Zurich-based E-Commerce startups are sure to leave a lasting impact on the global market. Keep an eye on these rising stars as they shape the future of online shopping!

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