Dubai’s Thriving Blockchain Ecosystem: Pioneering the Metaverse

Unveiling the Groundbreaking Blockchain Companies Redefining Dubai's Business Landscape


Dubai, a city known for its innovation and vision, has become a fertile ground for Blockchain technology and its applications. With the rise of the metaverse and Dubai’s forward-thinking approach, several pioneering Blockchain companies have emerged in the region. This article explores 15 such companies that are revolutionizing various industries and reshaping the future of business through the power of Blockchain technology. From gaming and finance to philanthropy and commerce, these companies are at the forefront of the Blockchain revolution, transforming Dubai into a global hub for cutting-edge innovations.


OneRare is a unique food metaverse, gaming, and NFT platform that redefines the culinary experience in the digital realm.


Sologenic disrupts the Asset Trading Industry by empowering users to tokenize securities, crypto assets, and NFTs.


Metafluence enables influencers to monetize their social power and creativity in the metaverse, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for content creators and followers.


99Starz provides expertise in building non-fungible token yields, empowering artists and creators to benefit from their digital creations.


Farmsent enhances global food commerce and security by connecting farmers through a decentralized network, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the agricultural sector.


Farcana is a blockchain gaming company developing a high-quality Web3 shooter on Unreal Engine 5 and a patented Play-to-Hash model, revolutionizing the gaming experience.


ticketi leverages WEB 3.0 infrastructure to eliminate fake ticketing, giving the power back to event creators and revolutionizing the ticketing industry.

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Philcoin is an award-winning philanthropical movement that aims to establish a global ecosystem where people earn while making a positive impact on society.


IgniteChain is a platform built to enable user-friendly dApps for global finance, providing a secure and accessible space for financial innovations in the Blockchain sector.

Dexa Coin

Dexa Coin offers digital payment options and privacy-focused features, redefining social platforms and communication through intuitive chat, HD voice, and video calls.

EX Sports

EX Sports creates an online e-commerce platform for sports memorabilia and collectibles, leveraging Blockchain technology to enhance transparency and authenticity.


Liquidus specializes in Blockchain SAAS, simplifying DeFi market navigation on mobile devices, empowering users in the decentralized financial ecosystem.

Decentralized Global

Decentralized Global serves as the first crypto liquidity bank for blockchain startups, providing essential liquidity to fuel innovation and growth.


FEMIC is a Media & Marketing Consultancy that leverages Blockchain to create transformative marketing solutions and enhance brand presence.

Metaverse Alliances

Metaverse Alliances fosters collaboration and growth in the metaverse space as a web.3 community-as-a-service organization.


Dubai’s Blockchain ecosystem is thriving, thanks to these innovative companies that are leading the charge. With their groundbreaking contributions to the metaverse, finance, gaming, food, and other sectors, they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Blockchain technology. As Dubai continues to solidify its position as a global tech hub, these visionary startups will undoubtedly inspire further advancements and propel the city into the forefront of technological breakthroughs. The world eagerly awaits the continued growth and evolution of Dubai’s Blockchain ecosystem, as it promises a decentralized and interconnected future for businesses worldwide.

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