Exploring Distrito Federal’s Dynamic Software Companies

Unveiling 15 Innovative Startups Shaping Distrito Federal's Tech Scene


Distrito Federal, Mexico, is a thriving hub for software startups, where entrepreneurial minds are transforming various industries. From fintech and proptech to healthcare and logistics, these 15 innovative software companies are revolutionizing their respective sectors. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of Distrito Federal’s startup ecosystem.


Clara is a leading B2B LatAm business credit card, payment solution, and expense tracking platform. Their comprehensive suite of tools streamlines financial operations for businesses in the region.


Pulppo is a proptech startup that has created a transparent and seamless buying process for real estate transactions. By empowering agents with advanced technology and support, Pulppo enhances the overall experience for agents and buyers.


Alxedo specializes in IoT, mobile app development, and water purification. Their innovative solutions contribute to sustainable water management and promote a greener future.


Pacto offers a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and payments software designed specifically for the restaurant and bar industry. Their intuitive platform optimizes operations, enhances customer experience, and improves revenue management.


Daystore focuses on infrastructure, logistics, and SaaS solutions. Their innovative approach helps businesses optimize supply chains, improve operational efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Airbag Technologies:

Airbag Technologies aims to reduce transit accidents caused by driver behavior through their SaaS and mobile telematics app. By analyzing driver data and providing real-time feedback, they promote safer driving habits.

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LearnAla revolutionizes learning spaces for organizations. Their platform provides immersive and engaging digital training programs, enabling companies to unlock their workforce’s full potential.


Vink operates as an Uber-type model for freight transportation, connecting businesses with reliable logistics services.

Gente Urgente:

Gente Urgente connects users with experts in various fields within minutes. Their platform facilitates quick consultations and assistance for users seeking expert advice.

Aventureza Activities & Entertainment:

Aventureza helps connect travelers with tourism and entertainment businesses, enhancing the overall travel experience and promoting local attractions.


Diagnostikare offers high-quality and low-cost virtual primary care services, leveraging technology to make healthcare accessible to all.


ValuMx provides automatic SaaS real estate valuation services throughout Mexico. Their innovative approach simplifies property valuation processes.


Mendel utilizes expense management software to recover invoices and integrates with existing expense management systems, enhancing financial operations for businesses.


Humand enables companies to digitize internal communication, culture, and HR processes, creating a more efficient and connected workforce.


Nudos is a platform that equips remote teams with all the necessary equipment to work productively from home. They simplify the management of remote work setups for businesses.


Distrito Federal, Mexico, is a hotbed of software startups driving innovation across various sectors. From revolutionizing financial operations and real estate transactions to enhancing logistics and healthcare, these 15 companies are at the forefront of Distrito Federal’s tech scene. Their cutting-edge solutions and entrepreneurial spirit contribute to the region’s growth and pave the way for a brighter future.

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