Exploring Norway’s Augmented Reality Startup Scene

Norway is a hotbed for technology startups, and its augmented reality (AR) ecosystem is no exception. With a thriving tech hub, Norway’s AR startups are making waves by providing innovative solutions in different sectors, including marketing, education, home improvement, and more.

Maestro Media: Project Management, Marketing, and AR

Maestro Media is a Norwegian startup that offers project management, marketing, architecture, 3D technology, augmented, and mixed reality solutions. They use their expertise in AR to create engaging experiences for their clients in the marketing and advertising industry.

Sonat: AI, VR, and AR Consulting

Sonat is an IT consulting company that provides machine learning, AI, virtual reality, and competent development training services. With their expertise in AR, they help their clients integrate AR technology into their businesses to improve their operations.

Fostech: Exploring the Latest Technologies

Fostech aims to understand the newest technologies available in the commercial market. They specialize in AR and VR solutions, providing clients with customized solutions based on their needs.

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Nagelld: 3D Visualization and AR

Nagelld offers 3D visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality services. They specialize in creating realistic and immersive AR experiences for their clients in various industries.

Vixel: Improving Interaction in Real Estate

Vixel aims to improve interaction within the building, construction, and real estate industries with the help of VR technology. They provide AR solutions that help their clients visualize designs, test out new products, and get a better understanding of the spaces they are working on.

PictoryTale: Augmented Reality Content Platform

PictoryTale is an augmented reality platform for experiencing and publishing AR content. They provide clients with tools to create AR experiences that can be shared with others, making AR more accessible to everyone.

WITTARIO: AR-based Educational Game Platform

WITTARIO is an AR-based educational learning and engaging game platform. They provide clients with fun and interactive ways to learn about different subjects using AR technology.

Pixotope: Leading Mixed Reality Solution

Pixotope is a world-leading mixed reality solution for media production. They offer AR and VR solutions that help clients create realistic and immersive experiences for their audience.

Lendwill: Blockchain-based P2P Lending App

Lendwill is a modern-age P2P lending app that lets people build a globally verifiable credit history with the help of blockchain technology. They use AR and gamification to make the lending experience more engaging and interactive.

Ludenso: AR Solutions for Education

Ludenso is a software developer of AR solutions for the education industry. They provide clients with AR tools that help students learn more effectively and interactively.

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Floord: AR Visualization for Home Improvement

Floord is a Norwegian startup that lets people visualize what their new floor will look like using AR. They offer clients an immersive experience that helps them make better decisions about their home improvement projects.

Tidvis: Animation, 3D, and AR Solutions

Tidvis specializes in the field of the database, games, 3D models, augmented and virtual reality, and animations for mobile platforms. They provide clients with customized solutions based on their needs.

Iris Oculus: AI, 3D Modeling, and AR Solutions

Iris Oculus provides solutions such as artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, augmented reality, UX design, and bots services to its clients. They help businesses integrate AR into their operations to improve their performance.

Spotics: Next-Generation Audio and AR

Spotics develops products and services that feature the capture of next-generation audio. They provide clients with AR solutions that enhance their audio experience and create a more immersive environment.

Reality Adventures: AR and Serious Games for Small and Medium-Sized Groups

Reality Adventures provides a variety of escape rooms that allow small and medium-sized groups to solve and experience the adventure. They use AR to create an immersive experience that makes the game more exciting and challenging.


Norway’s AR startup scene is vibrant and diverse, with companies providing innovative solutions in different industries. From marketing and education to home improvement and gaming, these startups are leveraging AR technology to create engaging and immersive experiences for their clients. As the demand for AR continues to grow, we can expect more exciting startups to emerge from Norway and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of AR.

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