Exploring the Dynamic Software Landscape of Luxembourg: 15 Innovative Startups

Discover the vibrant software startup scene in Luxembourg, where groundbreaking companies are redefining industries with cutting-edge solutions.


Luxembourg, renowned for its financial sector, is also emerging as a hub of software innovation. In this article, we will delve into 15 remarkable software startups based in Luxembourg that are driving technological advancements across various domains. From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, these companies are pushing the boundaries of software capabilities and reshaping the future.

Dynaccurate – Revolutionizing AI Collaboration with Semantic Interoperability

Dynaccurate SARL, launched in May 2021, is focused on delivering AI solutions that promote semantic interoperability. Their advanced technology enables seamless collaboration and knowledge exchange among different AI systems, opening up new possibilities for innovation.

AR HUB Luxembourg – Transforming Experiences through Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR HUB Luxembourg is a leading developer of augmented and virtual reality solutions. By blending the digital and physical realms, they create immersive experiences that have applications in entertainment, training, and beyond, revolutionizing how we interact with technology.

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Coockeroo – Streamlining Retail Operations with SaaS Solutions

Coockeroo offers comprehensive RetailTech solutions, providing retailers with a feature-rich SaaS platform. Their integrated cashier and ERP system, coupled with cloud-based and mobile applications, optimize retail operations and empower businesses to thrive in a competitive market.

MachineryScanner – Building Trust in Online Heavy Equipment Trading

MachineryScanner has created the safest online marketplace for buying and selling trucks and heavy equipment. Their platform prioritizes transparency, trust, and security, making it easier for businesses in the construction and logistics sectors to connect and engage in transactions.

Eazitron – Simplifying Business Management with Comprehensive Software

Eazitron offers a suite of software services designed to simplify business management. From invoicing and inventory management to CRM and project tracking, their all-in-one solution streamlines operations and enhances productivity for businesses of all sizes.

FleetLab – Enabling Efficient Mobility-on-Demand Services

FleetLab specializes in mobility-on-demand solutions and provides a powerful minibus planning tool. By optimizing routes, schedules, and resources, FleetLab helps transportation service providers, corporate shuttles, and public transit agencies offer efficient and convenient mobility options.

Docify – Automating Legal, Finance, and Administrative Documents

Docify introduces a no-code technology that automates the creation of legal, finance, and administration documents. By reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy, Docify revolutionizes document management processes, saving time and resources for organizations.

rejustify – Unlocking the Power of Data with AI-driven Solutions

rejustify delivers AI-driven data solutions, focusing on data access and cloud architecture. Their innovative technologies enable organizations to derive valuable insights and optimize their cloud infrastructure efficiently, maximizing the potential of their data assets.

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CopyRage – Connecting Hobby Traders and Professionals for Success

CopyRage is a platform that matches hobby traders/bettors with professionals based on their performance. By facilitating connections between these groups, CopyRage provides a space for collaboration and growth, empowering individuals to succeed in their respective fields.

Modus3 – Transforming Task Management with Smart Technology

Modus3 is developing the first-ever Smart Task Management platform. Their innovative solution leverages advanced technologies to streamline task management, enhancing efficiency and productivity across industries.

Cascade – Providing Comprehensive Solutions for Administrative Compliance

Cascade is a software company that offers administrative, compliance, audit, and governance solutions. Their comprehensive suite of software products simplifies complex processes and ensures regulatory compliance, empowering organizations to meet governance requirements effectively.

Planned.me – Simplifying Event Planning with Intuitive Web Applications

Planned.me is a web application that simplifies the organization of multi-party events. With user-friendly features and intuitive interfaces, Planned.me enables users to streamline event planning processes, ensuring seamless coordination and a successful outcome.

Empirys – Driving Digital Transformation with Invoice and IT Management

Empirys helps businesses digitally transform their operations with invoice management and IT management solutions. Their innovative software streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and enables organizations to adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

Aumint.io – Revolutionizing Cyber Awareness with AI-powered Trident

Aumint.io introduces Trident, an AI system that revolutionizes cyber awareness. With automated breach identification, validation, and resolution capabilities, Trident transforms how organizations detect and address cybersecurity threats.

BoardiGO – Empowering Governance with a Comprehensive Platform

BoardiGO offers a comprehensive governance platform that operates as a SaaS solution across web and mobile platforms. Their platform enhances governance processes, providing organizations with the tools they need for effective decision-making and board management.

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Luxembourg’s software startup ecosystem is flourishing, fostering innovation and driving progress across various industries. The 15 companies showcased in this article represent the cutting edge of software development, each making significant contributions to their respective domains. As Luxembourg continues to embrace technology and entrepreneurship, these startups are poised to shape the future and cement the country’s position as a thriving hub for software innovation.

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