Gravity Software Review: A Quantum Leap in Cloud Accounting Solutions

Streamline Multi-Entity Accounting with Cutting-Edge Automation and Insight


User Experience
Functional Capabilities
Customer Support
Value for Money

A Streamlined User Experience

Gravity Software, an innovative cloud-based accounting solution, is revolutionizing the landscape of multi-entity business accounting. Crafted for mid-market businesses, Gravity Software deftly tackles the challenges of managing intercompany transactions without the cumbersome necessity of toggling between various databases. Its intuitive interface enhances ease of use and productivity, by allowing users to seamlessly switch between different entities. It’s a game changer for CFOs and finance directors, dramatically reducing the time required for end-of-month reporting.

Robust Functional Capabilities

Powered by the Microsoft Power Platform (Dynamics 365), Gravity Software boasts impressive functionality. Its multi-currency accounting system simplifies global transactions by automating currency conversions and effectively calculating foreign currency gains and losses. These capabilities can significantly reduce errors and improve operational efficiency.

Its custom report-writing feature has also been applauded, empowering financial departments to deliver comprehensive, consolidated financials in a variety of formats. Moreover, the system’s “Dimensions” feature is an excellent tool for tracking meaningful data across multiple entities.

Intelligent Integrations

Gravity Software offers built-in business intelligence and an array of integrations with popular applications for billing, collaboration, electronic health records, and more. The system also simplifies workflow creation, supporting the development of automated processes to drive efficiency further.

Unparalleled Customer Support

One of the standout aspects of Gravity Software is its stellar customer support. Users have praised the promptness and effectiveness of the support team, with issues typically being resolved within the same day. The ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction further enhances the user experience and underscores the company’s commitment to their clientele.

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Value for Money

With a pricing structure that caters to a variety of business sizes and types – from startups to non-profit organizations – Gravity Software delivers excellent value for money. Users have appreciated the value they derive from the system, particularly given its advanced functionalities and stellar customer support.

The Verdict

Gravity Software is an outstanding solution for multi-entity businesses seeking to streamline their accounting processes. Its robust functional capabilities, user-friendly interface, intelligent integrations, unparalleled customer support, and value for money make it a top-tier choice in the realm of cloud accounting solutions.

Indeed, Gravity Software is more than just a tool – it is an investment in your company’s financial future. It eliminates unnecessary working hours, enhances efficiency, and promotes transparency across organizations. The overwhelming sentiment among its users is clear: once you experience the Gravity Software advantage, there’s no going back. So take the leap today, and see how Gravity can transform your financial management for the better.

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