How Are Startups Revolutionizing Public Safety in United States Today?

With the demand for safety and security continually on the rise, numerous start-ups in the United States are providing innovative solutions to public safety issues. Whether it’s developing robotics for lifting safety or creating platforms that help find lost people, these companies are a testament to the power of technological advancements in creating a safer environment for everyone. In this article, we will be exploring 15 exceptional start-ups dedicated to enhancing public safety.


Fusus prides itself as the most utilized and trusted Real-Time Crime Center platform in the U.S. Their work in the Public Safety sphere is commended not only for performance but also for its focus on real-time results, ensuring that timely decisions can be made for the safety of the public.

Monarc Holdings

Working on ideas and technologies that ensure the protection of people, places, and things, Monarc Holdings stands as a beacon of innovation in public safety. Their multi-faceted approach underscores the robust nature of their contributions.


Flyhound offers a distinctive and powerful solution for tracking and finding people- a key aspect of ensuring public safety. Their technology’s effectiveness is a testimony to their commitment to public safety.

Verve Motion

Marrying robotics, movement science, and apparel design, Verve Motion has developed SafeLift. Their inventive approach to lifting safety has garnered attention from various stakeholders in the safety industry.

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Lassen Peak

Lassen Peak transforms dangerous weapon detection procedures into streamlined, efficient, and dignified experiences. They accomplish this through their innovative technology that underlines the evolving face of public safety.

Ascent Integrated Tech

Ascent Integrated Tech has made a significant impact on the safety of firefighters, special forces, and SWAT by developing a unifying dashboard that improves operational effectiveness and safety.


Through their real-time eye movement-based impairment detection platform, Gaize is making tangible strides in the field of Public Safety, ensuring that help is delivered promptly when needed.


Sentinel prioritizes people’s safety by providing Health Monitoring Solutions as a service. This revolutionary approach has tremendous benefits for ensuring workplace and personal safety.

Sentry Kiosk

By combining non-contact screening techniques, surveys, and sanitization into one platform, Sentry Kiosk is innovating public safety measures, proving that a multi-pronged approach can be incredibly useful.


Kazoo stands out for its B2B mobile emergency services technology. Their emphasis on a mobile-first approach aligns with the move towards on-the-go public safety solutions.


Navigate360 is an all-in-one solution, providing software covering safety, prevention, and recovery for learning environments. Such holistic coverage ensures stability and peace of mind for the learning community.

Just Her Rideshare

Just Her Rideshare takes a unique focus on women’s safety. As a rideshare service for women by women, they offer a stress-free alternative, putting safety at the forefront.


Aiming high, Privateer attempts to classify space junk to enhance the safety of space travel. Such an unparalleled approach underlines the diversity and weight of public safety concerns.

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Pinnacle Medical Products

Pinnacle Medical Products is making significant strides in healthcare safety. Their mission centers around creating solutions to complex healthcare issues to improve patient care delivery.


SAFEtech is a startup that personifies passion for transforming school safety. Their aim to create a safer environment for students across is one that resonates with many.

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