How is VR Revolutionising Treatment of Age-Related Diseases in Healthcare?

Magnus Graf, Saxon Yeung

Key Takeaways:

  • Syncsense develops a VR-based exergaming platform and an intelligent sensor on exercise equipment aimed at treating and preventing age-related diseases.
  • The startup uses virtual reality therapeutics on par with medicine and is patient-centred, allowing patients to regain control of their health.
  • Based in Copenhagen, Syncsense was built with the vision of revolutionizing the healthcare industry by merging technology and medicine.

As people worldwide live longer lives, the prevalence of age-related diseases also increases. In response to this pressing health issue, many health care disruptors are crafting innovative solutions. One such company that stands out from the crowd is Syncsense. Founded in 2019 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Syncsense is an ambitious startup pioneering the way how virtual reality (VR) is used in health care. The company excels in the development of a VR-based exergaming platform and a smart sensor placed on exercise equipment supporting both the treatment and prevention of age-related ailments.

Syncsense positions VR therapeutics on an equal footing with medicine. These therapeutic tools are used to guide exercises in a personalized and visually engaging environment, ultimately promoting better patient engagement in their treatment regimens. Unlike other medical solutions that primarily focus on the caregivers, Syncsense’s platform allows patients to take control of their own age- and inactivity-related diseases.

What differentiates Syncsense?

Syncsense sets itself apart with a patient-centric approach. The VR-based platform offers immersive exercises, enabling patients to have an active role in their treatment process. This approach not only motivates patients but also helps caregivers design personalized treatment programs based on individual needs. The company also has an intelligent sensor placed on exercise equipment, an innovation that provides the perfect balance of immersive technology and physical activity.

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Furthermore, the company’s platform serves as a tool offering a seamless, interactive interface and allowing for immediate feedback. This sophisticated feedback system enables caregivers to track progress, make necessary adjustments, and customize treatment plans, hence fostering a more synergistic relationship between the patient and the caregiver.

Towards a bright future

As Syncsense continues to gain traction, it is poised to dramatically change how age-related diseases are managed and treated. It also holds potential to improve the quality of life for patients and alleviate the burden from caregivers. The company is at the forefront of integrating leading-edge technology with medicine, a fusion that will only become more crucial as the healthcare industry evolves.

For more information or to stay updated on Syncsense’s innovative breakthroughs, visit the website or follow them on their social media platforms- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


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