Is Asset-as-a-Service Model the Future of Furniture and Home Decor Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • CUL is changing the dynamics of furniture and home decor industry through their innovative asset-as-a-service model.
  • Their service is particularly aimed at providing access to high ticket consumer goods to the underbanked population in LATAM.
  • Users have the option to switch, upgrade, or make an offer to keep the rented products.
  • CUL’s model removes the need for traditional financing, offering flexibility and comfort to users.

Traditionally the furniture and home decor industry has revolved around ownership. Yet societal trends and financial pressures are causing a shift towards more flexible models, particularly in developing countries. The ‘Asset-as-a-Service’ concept is a prime example of this, offering a solution that is both practical and economically advantageous. In Latin America, a startup is spearheading this new approach: CUL.

Based in Bogotá, Colombia, CUL has not only entered the furniture and home appliances marketplace but taken it a step further. Through an asset-as-a-service model, CUL provides high ticket consumer goods like furniture and home appliances to the underbanked population in LATAM. This approach is set to revolutionize the way people perceive and engage with these vital home essentials.

What sets CUL apart is its unique approach to access and consumer choice. The users of CUL’s marketplace are not only able to rent furniture and home appliances but have the flexibility to pay on a monthly basis. This system negates the need for a large down-payment or hefty credit card bills and instead offers a financially comfortable solution.

Moreover, as customers are done renting or wish to alter their plan, CUL allows them to either upgrade or even make an offer to keep the products. This user-oriented approach provides an ongoing system of access and options. Thereby, giving users an engaging and satisfying customer experience in addition to the quality products on offer.

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Looking ahead, the straightforward, flexible model that CUL offers may well set a new standard for the industry. Its focus on access rather than ownership speaks directly to the financial concerns of many prospective customers, especially those in economically strained environments. Particularly in a largely underbanked population, like that of LATAM, the asset-as-a-service model is more than just convenient – it’s life-changing.

In conclusion, CUL is championing a new approach that is not only beneficial for consumers but contributes to the economy in the long run by providing a viable option for the underbanked. This innovative approach coupled with their determined team of founders – Daniel Morales and Juan Camilo Canal Schlesinger – is set to take this startup to great heights. For more about CUL, visit their website and social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn.

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