Is Collaborative Video Making Revolutionizing the Social Media Landscape?

Key Takeaways:

  • ZigZag is an emerging social media startup based in Los Angeles, specializing in collaborative video making.
  • The app allows users to create, share, and trend videos with up to 12 friends at once.
  • ZigZag’s approach is revolutionising the social media landscape, promoting a collective rise to fame rather than individual glory.
  • The ZigZag team actively engages with their community by selecting favorite videos to promote every day.

As more and more people seek creative outlets by creating and sharing content online, traditional platforms are being challenged by innovative new solutions. One such contender is ZigZag, a burgeoning social media app based out of Los Angeles. The app, humbly beginning in the overwhelmingly competitive space of social media, has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on communal creativity and shared success. Its unique premise: create together, trend together.

ZigZag was conceived with one primary objective, to enable users to create viral videos cooperatively. Up to 12 friends can participate in the creation of a single video, sharing the thrill of creativity and the glory of going viral together. Once a video is posted, all participants share the engagement – in stark contrast to the traditional individual-centric approach of existing social media platforms.

The startup brings to the table a novel take on content creation and sharing. The USP of ZigZag lies in its collaborative approach, allowing users not only to enjoy creating content with their friends but also to share the spoils of engagement equally. This democratised approach to success makes their platform particularly appealing to millennials and Gen Z users, for whom communal involvement and shared success are increasingly important values.

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Another differential factor for ZigZag is their heavily engaged and active team. The ZigZag team takes a hands-on approach to community building, choosing their favourite clips to comment on, repost, and share every day. This provides users with the added motivation to create high-quality content, knowing that their work could be acknowledged directly by the platform team.

As it charts a bold new course in the competitive arena of social media, the future prospects of ZigZag appear promising. A fresh perspective on content creation and sharing, coupled with a dedicated team and an increasing, highly engaged user base, ensures ZigZag’s potential to revolutionise the social media landscape. Furthermore, Their emphasis on collaborative success over individual fame aligns perfectly with the shifting societal values of a growing generation.

Profiled by Startup Bubble News, ZigZag is certainly one to watch out in the changing panorama of social media. For more information or to join the growing team, visit their website , or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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