Is Digital Fan-Centric Media Redefining the Future of Global Esports Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Esportz Entertainment Corp. is a Global Esports News and Media Company.
  • It operates under the name Esportz Network, delivering content via a proprietary web-based platform.
  • The Esportz Network platform displays itemized news and information of major esports games, teams, matches, and player pages.
  • It has a freemium model for both the casual and dedicated gamers and provides 24/7/365 Streaming to a global audience across multiple games.

Through the lens of digital innovation, the global esports audience is continually carved and nurtured. Digitally fan-centric media companies are rising with progressive strategies that embrace this evolution, allowing them to cater to the ever-growing hunger for quality esports content. Among these avant-garde platforms, Esportz Entertainment Corp. shines brightly, redefining the way esports fans consume content, thereby changing the future landscape of the global esports industry.

Operating under the name, Esportz Network, Esportz Entertainment Corp. based in Irvine, California, has grown exponentially to become one of the world’s leading eSports news agencies. With eighty-five professional freelance reporters, photographers, and videographers, it delivers content through a proprietary web-based platform and Reuters as a Global partner for esports news, photos, videos, and podcasting.

Esportz Network differentiates itself through its comprehensive features. The platform offers an itemized breakdown of news and information on major esports games, teams, matches, and player pages, integrated with Reuters Connect for global distribution. The platform also operates virtual tournaments, with branding opportunities for sponsor participation. A convenient component is the operating system, which allows for the hiring, incentivizing, and managing of freelance reporters for story processing and payments.

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Another unique element is the platform’s focus towards inclusivity. Esportz Network has a dedicated Cosplay section, along with a California Talent Agency license to provide representation for worldwide Cosplayers and Influencers. Furthermore, the platform was designed from the ground up for multiple languages, is mobile responsive and would soon have a mobile app.

As the esports phenomenon soars, the future seems bright for Esportz Entertainment Corp. The introduction of as a dedicated stock esports photo subscription site demonstrates the company’s ambition to provide fresh and professional esports photography frequently. Advertisers and global gaming companies can optimize their content with ad placements on the Esportz Network website that has over 1.5 million views per week.

Esportz Entertainment Corp. indeed symbolizes the transformative power of fan-centric approaches. By deepening ties between the digital world and the growing esports community, they are certainly redefining the future of the global esports industry. To follow their journey, check out their website at, or connect with them on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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