Is Economic Inclusion the Future for Canada’s Indigenous Communities?

Key Takeaways:

  • Its Time For Change is a uniquely Canadian inclusion economic network, operating in the realm of information services.
  • The startup is dedicated to building economic capacity for both Canada’s Indigenous and Business community.
  • Services offered range from job and employment opportunities to supply chain development programs and business resources.
  • The future of economic inclusion in Canada’s Indigenous Communities and the burgeoning potential of such initiatives.


One of the emerging discussions in the economic world revolves around the concept of economic inclusion in the indigenous communities of Canada. Leading the charge in turning this concept into a societal change is a startup based out of Wolfville, Nova Scotia – Its Time For Change (ITFC). This uniquely Canadian economic inclusion network dedicates its endeavors to realize sustainable economic growth of Canada’s Indigenous and Business community.

ITFC is more than just a platform; it’s a movement that aims to build the indigenous economy by offering services tailored to developing and fostering economic relationships. The startup is focused on facilitating economic growth of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada by providing them with ample job and employment opportunities, business resources, and access to public and private procurement opportunities.

Differentiating Factors:

What truly differentiates Its Time For Change in its industry is its holistic approach towards economic capacity building. Instead of merely being an online job portal, the startup provides a wide range of services that leads to sustainable economic growth. This includes a robust indigenous communities network, labor pool services, supply chain development programs, resume writing services, and other initiatives focused on the indigenous business community’s economic growth.

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Moreover, ITFC isn’t merely a bridge connecting indigenous people and employers. It’s a platform that facilitates genuine connection and growth, empowering the indigenous communities by enhancing their capacity to participate actively in the Canadian economy beyond employment, in areas such as procurement and supply chain.


With companies like ITFC taking the lead, economic inclusion of indigenous communities is not merely a future possibility but an emerging reality in Canada. The startup’s innovative approach, holistic services, and dedication to creating tangible change signals a bright future not only for ITFC but also for its industry. As the startup continues to grow, it has the potential to inspire and pave the way for similar initiatives, furthering the case for inclusion and diversity in the economic landscape of Canada.

For more information about Its Time For Change and to support their cause, you can visit their website, or follow them on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

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