Is IoT-Driven Workspace Management the Future of Information Technology Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Brskly utilizes IoT to automate workspace management, improving efficiency and eliminating manual tracking.
  • The company operates from Gurgaon, Haryana, India, and is gradually positioning itself as a major player in the Information Technology and Software industry.
  • Brskly’s solutions range from workspace automation, meeting room automation, cloud-based access control, and office management, all contributing to an enhanced workspace experience.
  • The future of the startup and the IT industry points towards a greater reliance on IoT-driven workspace management, propelled by startups like Brskly.

The future of the Information Technology industry is continuously evolving, and with each passing day, tech-companies like Brskly are spearheading amazing transformations. Brskly, a startup that is based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, is carving a unique niche in IoT driven workspace management and automation. With a robust vision to create a cutting-edge IoT-enabled cloud-based tech solution especially for coworking spaces and shared offices, the startup is rapidly redefining how workplaces function.

Their mission? To fully automate the day-to-day tasks in offices, completely weed out the requirement for manual tracking, and ultimately facilitate an increase in revenue by empowering organizations with vital data and process automation. Furthermore, Brskly is committed to providing unmatched control over the centers anytime and anywhere, making office management a breeze for administrators.

The differentiator for Brskly’s platform is its comprehensive set of solutions that it offers. Its workspace automation tools allow businesses to streamline mundane day-to-day tasks, thereby boosting efficiency in a significant way. Next up in their suite of solutions comes meeting room automation, which ensures seamless and organized control over the all-important meeting rooms in an office. Adding to these, their cloud-based access control facilitates secure and easy access for employees in a workspace, ensuring safety and accessibility at once.

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The icing on the cake is the integrated office management tool that Brskly offers. With this, administrators can conveniently manage all facets of an office environment, right from managing resources and space to keeping tabs on employee schedules and tasks. All these factors collate to make Brskly stand out in the realm of workspace management; it’s robust, holistic, and effective.

Brskly’s potential is not just confined to the present but extends to the future of the Information Technology industry. As workplaces continue to evolve, the need for automated and efficient workspace management will only amplify. Brskly’s unique approach will likely see increased demand, driving the company to new heights. The start-up’s comprehensive approach to workspace management indicates a promising future, not just for Brskly, but for similar concepts and technology in the IT and Software industry.

We recommend taking a look at Brskly and what they are doing for the evolution of workspace management. Visit their website for more information, or connect with them on Facebook to stay updated on their products and services. Co-founders Abhishek Tripathi, Atul Ranjan, and their team are certainly worth watching as they challenge traditional IT norms and lead the industry into a future influenced by IoT-driven workspace management.

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