Is Machine Learning the Future of Business Forecasting and Geomarketing?

Gianni Bientinesi and Aethia

Key Takeaways:

  • Business Intelligence Group Srl is propelling forward the fields of machine learning and geomarketing.
  • The company has developed products based on specific customer requirements, standing out in its landscape.
  • BIG’s vision and groundbreaking work could play a significant role in the future of business forecasting and geomarketing.

In Novara, Piemonte, a startup named Business Intelligence Group Srl (BIG) has been making strides in the implementation of machine learning and geomarketing. Founded in 2019 by Gianni Bientinesi, former Business Intelligence Director of Leroy Merlin, and Aethia, a leader in high-performance computing applied to scientific research. BIG offers a broad spectrum of services including creating market research, developing HW and SW systems, and delivering analytical reports related to the Data Lake.

BIG is bending the curve in the realm of machine learning, casting innovative light on the industry. Their primary focus targets the future of business forecasting by integrating machine learning techniques for developing cutting-edge predictive models and data visualization systems, while concurrently delving into the emergent and vast discipline of geomarketing.

A few things that differentiate BIG from their competitors are the products developed based on specific customer requirements. These include a system for data integrity of a NGS laboratory for GxP validation, a private cloud based on Proxmox technology, and a predictive model incorporating market and traffic data to value road networks for geomarketing purposes. Their AI-based system can craft digital communication plans in accordance with search logs generated by users, setting them apart in their domain.

BIG’s effective use of machine learning in their predictive models for sales volume exemplifies their commitment to innovation. This forward-thinking approach, along with their ability to comprehend and analyze complex data sets, enhances their capabilities to serve clients better, bringing their products and services to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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As we look towards the future of Business Intelligence Group Srl, it is clear that their innovative work in machine learning and geomarketing sets them up for significant influence in the direction of these fields. They are poised to evolve alongside advancements in technology, leading to more accurate and efficient business forecasting models. Visit their website for more details and to stay updated with their progress in shaping the future. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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