Is Mobility Sharing the Future of Information Technology and Transportation?

Horace Luke, Matt Taylor


    Key takeaways:
  • GoShare is a pioneering startup in the mobility sharing industry, specializing in the use of AI, machine learning and real-time fleet management.
  • The platform provides 24/7 service allowing users to quickly authenticate, locate, and book an easy and enjoyable ride on a Gogoro Smart scooter or PBGN scooter.
  • GoShare is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and was founded by Horace Luke and Matt Taylor.

Information technology is disrupting every industry, and transportation is no exception. The convergence of advanced AI and machine learning with the needs of modern transportation has given rise to innovative solutions like GoShare. A Taiwan-based startup, GoShare offers an ingenious mobility sharing platform that leverages the power of AI, machine learning, and real-time fleet management to provide a seamless 24/7 service for scooter riders.

After a quick and easy authentication process, users can locate and book a Gogoro Smart scooter or a PBGN scooter for a hassle-free and thrilling ride. GoShare has effectively harnessed the potentials of a digital platform to transform the way people find, reserve, and ride scooters, heralding a new era in urban transportation.

The distinguishing factors of GoShare lie in its integration of advanced technologies and user-friendly service. Unlike traditional scooter rental services, GoShare’s platform relies on AI and machine learning to provide real-time updates and manage their fleet effectively. The entire process from finding, reserving, to riding the scooter is made exceedingly simple and user-friendly through their app.

Moreover, the commitment to 24/7 service ensures that customers can access GoShare’s services at any time of the day. The instant availability of Gogoro Smart scooters and PBGN scooters directly addresses the frustrations of conventional transportation methods, setting a new standard in mobility sharing services.

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As our society continues to evolve with technology, mobility sharing services like GoShare are likely to become an integral part of our future. The seamless amalgamation of AI, machine learning and informatics into transportation services addresses a wide variety of today’s pain points, offering potential solutions for concerns like traffic congestion, pollution, and the efficient use of resources.

GoShare’s future looks promising with continuously evolving technology and increasing acceptance of mobility sharing as a viable transportation alternative. It’s not just about moving people from point A to B anymore; it’s about how efficiently and innovatively it can be done using cutting-edge technology. Explore more about GoShare on their website, and follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


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