Is Morocco’s Online Expert Consultation Platform Revolutionising the Consulting Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Khabiry is an online platform that connects users with expert advisors for consultations across various fields.
  • It simplifies the process of finding, connecting, scheduling, and paying for expert advice.
  • The platform also includes an evaluation system for experts, promoting transparency.
  • Khabiry began in Morocco and has expanded into other Middle East and Arabic-speaking markets.
  • The Startup Khabiry is pioneering its role in modernizing the consultation industry.


Morocco has emerged as a hotspot for innovative startups that are indulging into sectors that were untouched by digital transformation. A noteworthy one among them is a Casablanca-based startup, Khabiry. is leveraging digital technologies to revolutionize the consulting industry all across Morocco, Middle Eastern, and Arabic-speaking markets. The platform is specifically designed to connect users to expert advisors in various fields, thereby democratizing access to valuable knowledge and advice.

Engaging in its mission to break down the barriers to expert consultations, simplifies the process of locating, scheduling, and paying for consultations online. This platform aligns with the modern digital-first approach to services, assisting users in every step right from browsing through’s expert’s profiles till receiving the right consultation over their advanced Khabiry Meet technology.

What Sets Khabiry Apart? stands apart from the crowd with its strong focus on transparency and credibility. Users get the liberty to evaluate experts on the platform, imbuing trust in the consultation process. It is not just another consultation platform but a blend of user-friendliness, accessibility, and a driven commitment to excellence. Entrepreneurs, individuals, and firms can efficiently seek expert consultations in fields, including but not limited to law, finance, and marketing.

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Moreover, on, expertise truly meets accessibility. Its unique design and user interface make it easy even for the not-so-tech-savvy individuals to navigate, choose, and pay for the services. The startup’s commitment to making valuable knowledge accessible to everyone who seeks it is clearly reflected in the platform’s design and functionality.

Looking ahead:

With its current pace and innovative approach, Khabiry has immense potential for growth and to establish itself as a trusted name in the consulting industry. The region-specific focus of expansion has worked out well till date for the startup and will continue as such in the near future too. signifies the revolutionary integration of digital era preferences with expert consultation services.

On the future of the consulting industry, adds another dimension where technology will hold a significant role in an expert consultation. Shedding light on personalized and transparent consultations, has the potential to be an industry benchmark, increasing accessibility to expert advice for many more. To get updates on its progress, you can follow Khabiry on LinkedIn. For exploring the platform visit

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