Is Online Quran Tutoring The Next Big Disruption in Education Industry?

With technology remaining a dominant force within our society, innovative startups are utilising this resource to disrupt traditional sectors. One such sector is education. And it appears that the next big disruption is already here. Quran Schooling, a London-based startup, is changing the game, and moving both Quran studies and adult education entirely online.

Quran Schooling is an online Quran Academy, offering tutoring services to kids and adults around the world. Their ambition is to make learning more convenient and efficient, leveraging technology to provide personal Quran tutoring on a global scale.

Key takeaways:

  • Quran Schooling is a startup focusing on online Quran tutoring.
  • They offer a range of online Quran courses such as Quran translation, Quran recitation online, and Quran memorisation.
  • Being London-based, Quran Schooling is accessible anywhere in the world and to all demographics (kids and adults).
  • They are leveraging technology to disrupt the traditional education sector.

What sets Quran Schooling apart from other education startups lies in the nature of their courses. Offering a range of online Quran programmes such as Quran translation, Quran recitation online, online Quran memorisation, and Quran Tajweed, they don’t just make learning more accessible—they make it more diverse. They’re not merely adhering to one narrow strand of teaching; they’re broadening their digital platform to cater to a variety of Quran education needs.

Moreover, the ability to learn Quran online from professionals adds another depth to their service. No matter where you are in the world, if you have the desire to learn Quran, then Quran Schooling aims to provide you with an expert online Quran tutor. This level of accessibility is transforming the traditional education model, making knowledge more accessible and breaking down geographical barriers.

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In conclusion, Quran Schooling stands poised to disrupt the traditional education, specifically Quran tutoring industry. Their innovative and broad-ranging online platform, combined with their emphasis on professional, high-quality instruction, illustrates a promising future. The only limitations of the platform are its reach; as technology becomes more widespread, so too can the impact of Quran Schooling.

This London-based startup’s approach aligns with the wider trend of technology being used to democratise access to knowledge. Learning is no longer confined to a classroom – thanks to forward-thinking startups like Quran Schooling, we can now access a Quran tutor from anywhere in the world. Connect with Quran Schooling on their social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit their website.

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