Is Personalized Elder Care the Future of the Home Health Industry?

Key Takeaways

  • Applause Home Care’s approach to personalised elder care could be the future of the home health industry.
  • The startup differentials itself by focusing on active listening and creating mutually beneficial relationships.
  • It collaborates with state home care governance authorities which provides an understanding of state laws and regulations surrounding home care.
  • With a focus on self-management for the individual receiving care, Applause Home Care aligns care to the recipient’s personal needs and habits.

With an aging global population, the demand for effective and efficient elder care is on the rise. It is within this context that Applause Home Care has emerged as a forerunner in the Home Health Care industry. This startup, based out of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, tackles the industry with a fresh approach – personalised elder care. The company believes that in order for care to be meaningful and effective, it must be personalised to the individual’s needs and lifestyle.

Pioneered by Founders Tara Jean and Judith Hyland, Applause Home Care emphasises two-way communication, encouraging the individual to manage their own personal care services. With a foundation built on active listening and understanding, the care process becomes a mutually beneficial relationship rather than a one-sided service.

Applause Home Care: Distinctive in the Market

Where Applause Home Care truly differentiates itself is in their unique approach to building strong relationships with their clients. Active listening is a cornerstone of their methodology. They work ardently to build a solid understanding of the needs, habits, and lifestyles of every individual they care for. This in-depth understanding helps them to personalized care in the most meaningful and beneficial way possible.

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In addition to this, Applause Home Care works closely with state home care governance authorities to stay ahead of state laws, regulations and the complexities of the industry. Their customers often rely on their expert knowledge when choosing a service provider. This diligent approach ensures they provide a high standard of care and abide by strict regulations.

Looking Ahead

As the demand for elderly care continues to rise, Applause Home Care’s approach could set a new industry standard. Personalized care, built on meaningful relationships and active listening, makes the company’s offering more than just a routine service. It’s a platform which enriches the quality of life for all their care partners and recipients.

Learn more about Applause Home Care by visiting their website or following them on social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. With its forward-thinking approach, Applause Home Care continues to champion innovative and personalized methods in the home health industry.


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