Is Real-Time Video Feedback the Future of Customer Experience Analytics?

Key Takeaways:

  • Intercept CX brings a new approach to understanding customer experience through real-time feedback via video, voice, and machine learning technologies.
  • This startup from Tempe, Arizona, is revolutionizing the typical survey-type feedback by capturing customer emotions at the same moment they are having the experience with the brand.
  • Intercept CX allows the voice of the customer to enter every brand decision,which helps in testing and improving products or understanding experiences better.


There’s a revolution brewing in the realm of customer experience analytics. It is increasingly clear that traditional, post-experience survey methods are insufficient for capturing the complexity of modern customers’ thoughts, feelings, and actions. A Tempe-based startup, Intercept CX, is attempting to turn the tables by providing real-time customer feedback via video and voice. Their machine learning-supported platform provides deep insights into the customer experience in real-time.

Traditionally, feedback was a tedious, long-drawn process. Even online, companies would send out surveys well after the customer had interacted with their brand. Intercept CX has flipped that model completely by capturing feedback at the moment the customer’s experience unfolds. Not only has this made feedback interpretation more precise, but it also allows brands to recalibrate almost instantaneously.

What Sets Intercept CX Apart

Intercept CX differentiates itself through a unique, innovative approach that balances simplicity and depth. Customers can share their feedback through a straightforward, browser-based video response experience. However, this simplicity belies the profound insights that brands can draw from these real-time feedback sessions. Through machine learning technologies, Intercept CX dives deep into the raw, unfiltered emotion and sentiment expressed by customers during their brand experience.

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Beyond just being another customer feedback tool, Intercept CX is an effective digital ethnography platform. It captures not just WHAT the customers think but delves into WHY they feel a certain way about their experience. As such, it offers an unprecedented look into the stories and sentiments that underpin the customer interaction with the brand, helping the brand evolve and better align with their clientele.

Looking Forward: The Future of Intercept CX and the Industry

Intercept CX is poised to redefine the way businesses perceive and action customer feedback. Their real-time, video-voice model, in conjunction with artificial intelligence, can revolutionize the customer experience landscape. As the brand-description suggest, their end-goal enables “brand leaders to bring the voice of the customer into every decision that is made”. Moving forward, we can anticipate a broader adoption of similar methodologies, prompting a turn from post-hoc survey analysis to real-time, sentiment-driven data analysis.

Given their innovative approach, Intercept CX has positioned itself on the cutting edge of the evolutionary analytics world. Stay tuned with Intercept CX through their Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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