Is The Future of Digital Marketing Female-Focused? Exploring Industry Changes

Tina Marchand, Sarah Wittner


Key Takeaways:

  • The MarketHer is a fresh startup exploring the intersection of the marketing industry and female-focused approaches.
  • Based in Denver, Colorado, they offer marketing and creative agency services predominantly to those who identify as female.
  • The team endeavors to humanize the often impersonal hiring process by promoting opportunities where genuinely personal connections can be formed.
  • The MarketHer, through their unique approach, aims to significantly reshape and redefine the future of the digital marketing landscape.

With the rapidly evolving nature of the digital marketing industry, the rise of startups like The MarketHer invites an exploration into whether or not the future of this sector is female-focused. Based in Denver, Colorado, The MarketHer is not simply a marketing and creative agency, but an innovative platform prioritizing female-identifying individuals and their career growth. This startup swims against the traditional tide by fostering an ecosystem that emphasizes personal connections and human interaction.

The digital marketing ecosystem has witnessed great strides in technology and innovation, but the impersonal nature of the hiring process has remained relatively unchanged. Recognizing this as a pain point, The MarketHer set out to restore the human factor by presenting opportunities that go beyond posting jobs, but bring value to the table by utilizing a closer-knit, personal approach.

What primarily differentiates The MarketHer is their clear and precise positioning in the industry. They empower women in digital marketing by providing them with a wealth of opportunities to advance their careers. Moreover, instead of simply serving as a regular job posting site, they offer a comprehensive path to professional development aimed at cultivating a supportive & encouraging culture within the industry. This commitment to navigating and enabling change in tradition-bound ecosystems sets them apart.

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And it isn’t just about job placement – The MarketHer is more about creating relationships and meaningful connections. They personalize networking efforts by facilitating mentorship programs and connections that help in fostering a fulfilled and well-rounded work life. They truly believe that interacting with the right people at the right time can make all the difference in today’s digitized world.

With startups like The MarketHer championing such change, it invites strong speculation that the future of digital marketing could be female-focused. Restoring the human touch in an industry previously entrenched in a transactional framework is a bold move, and The MarketHer is positioned at the forefront of this revolution. By bridging the gap between female-identifying individuals and their aspirations in the digital marketing industry, they are indeed helping to shape the industry’s future.

On the whole, The MarketHer is a prime example of the innovative startups that challenge and redefine the way industries operate. To learn more about their work or to get involved, check out their website at and LinkedIn page – Join and support their cause as they tread the path paving the way to a more diverse and inclusive digital marketing industry.


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