Is This the Best Solution for Comprehensive Employee Background Checks in Australia?

Key Takeaways:

  • Backy Check offers comprehensive background check solutions for employers in Australia.
  • It’s a social enterprise, supporting the SnowBell Project, a charity that fights child sexual exploitation.
  • Security, efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces are part of their services.
  • Backy Check can tailor a solution for companies through API integration, an online platform, or a co-branded website.


Backy Check, based in Sydney, Australia, is revolutionizing employee background checks in the modern business landscape. Focusing on user-friendly interfaces, security, and efficiency, the company aims to streamline the hiring process, increasing both its speed and authenticity for businesses and organizations. Besides providing efficient business solutions, the social enterprise has a human side as well, primarily supporting the SnowBell Project, an Australian charity fighting child sexual exploitation.

The services offered by Backy Check encompass an array of checks, including national police, right to work in AU, credit checks (including full credit reports), reference checks, and working with children checks, among others. With such variety, BackyCheck meets the diverse needs of businesses in boosting their hiring process and improving workforce quality.

Differentiating Factors:

What sets Backy Check apart beyond its comprehensive background checking services are its flexible solutions, customized support, and standout community commitments. Firstly, the company tailors solutions for clients through API Integration, Online platform, and Co-branded websites – all of which ensure users get a service streamlined for their specific business needs.

Furthermore, Backy Check is a social enterprise that supports a greater cause. A portion of its financial gain goes to the SnowBell Project, an organization fighting child exploitation. With this, the company not only provides valuable services to businesses but contributes to a noble cause, giving customers another incentive to opt for their services.

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Conclusion and Future Prospects:

The future seems promising for Backy Check as the demand for comprehensive background check services is only going to rise with the increasing emphasis on employee quality and security in the workplace. Beyond their practical business solutions, partaking in a social cause sets precedent, setting them apart in a competitive market.

With a sustainable business model and an eye on social benefit, it is foreseeable that Backy Check will continue to garner positive attention going forward. To stay informed about their progress and offerings, their updates are available on their official website and social media channels on Facebook and Linkedin.

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