Is This the Future of Global Cannabis and Hemp Contract Manufacturing?

Key Takeaways:

  • NatuEra is offering high-quality, fully traceable contract growing and manufacturing solutions to the hemp and cannabis industry globally.
  • Strategically using their unique geographical location for year-round sun-grown cultivation.
  • High-quality products are ensured from the source to the world with the global backing of The Cronos Group.
  • A competitive stand out in the growing hemp and cannabis industry.
  • Potential future leader in global cannabis and hemp contract manufacturing.

Nested in the balmy heights of the Andes mountains, close to the equator, sits NatuEra, a trailblazing startup that just might be shaping the future of global hemp and cannabis contract manufacturing. Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, NatuEra is leveraging nature and technology to offer top-notch, fully traceable contract growing, extraction, and manufacturing solutions to the blossoming hemp and cannabis industry worldwide. Their strategic location in one of the few places on earth offering year-round sun-grown cultivation sets them apart, enabling the growth and harvesting of the finest natural sun-grown ingredients.

Backed by the global pool of resources from The Cronos Group, NatuEra has positioned itself as a reliable source for both growth and manufacturing solutions. This ensures their quality presence is maintained from source to the world, covering the entire value chain. It’s this commitment to quality control and traceability that is establishing them as a desired partner in the industry.

NatuEra differentiates itself from other hemp and cannabis contract manufacturers in a few key areas. Firstly, they have the unique advantage of their geographical location, which allows year-round cultivation of their product, creating an unlimited supply of sun-grown ingredients. Additionally, their commitment to quality, traceability, and manufacturing solutions are a testament to their responsible business practices and dedication to their craft. The backing of The Cronos Group, a global cannabinoid company, also gives them a high level of support and resources, ensuring consistency and quality at every point of the manufacturing process.

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An important part of NatuEra’s operation is its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Sun-grown cultivation not only means a consistent, high-quality ingredient for their products, but it also means less reliance on artificial light and temperature control, reducing their carbon footprint. NatuEra’s commitment to sustainability extends to their partnerships, as they strive to work with businesses who also value environmentally-friendly practices.

What does the future hold for NatuEra? Their commitment to quality and traceability, combined with their unique location and sustainable practices, positions them to become a leader in global cannabis and hemp contract manufacturing. Moreover, as the acceptance and legalization of cannabis and hemp spread, the demand from cannabis-based industries looks set to increase, and NatuEra is poised to meet the challenge. NatuEra is a promising venture definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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