Is Virtual Wealth Management the Future for GenX Entrepreneurs and Executives?

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern Wealth is a startup offering fee-only, fiduciary financial and wealth management services.
  • The firm targets GenX entrepreneurs, small business owners, high earners not rich yet (HENRYs), and executives, offering a virtually accessible family office model, typically relegated to the uber-rich.
  • The rapid digitization of the finance sector means greater access and opportunities for clients benefiting from virtual wealth management firms like Modern Wealth.


In the world driven by technology, the traditional business models, especially in finance, are being revamped to better serve the clients. The ‘brick and mortar’ model is becoming fast irrelevant, and remote accessibility is the norm. A perfect example of this paradigm shift is Modern Wealth, a startup based out of Oreland, Pennsylvania. This independent, fee-only, fiduciary Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm aims at serving the unique financial needs of GenX Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet), and executives, all virtually!

Through their unique EVOKE® Financial Life Planning process and wealth management expertise, they strive to inspire and facilitate prosperity amongst their select clientele spread over the United States. By leveraging the virtual platform, Modern Wealth ensures that superior wealth management services, traditionally associated with the uber-rich, are made accessible to the intended target group.

Differential Analysis

One of the most striking features that sets Modern Wealth apart from other financial planning and wealth management firms is its focus on the niche GenX market. Its virtual approach allows the firm to cater to clientele from all over the United States, transcending geographic barriers which traditional firms might be unable to overcome. Furthermore, by leveraging a unique EVOKE® Financial Life Planning process, the firm is able to craft personalized financial plans taking into account individual client aspirations and financial goals.

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Another unique differentiator is the firm’s transparent, fee-only pricing model. This ensures that investors’ interests come first, eliminating the risk of conflict-of-interest that a commission-based model might pose. The holistic approach Modern Wealth adopts by incorporating the typically uber-wealthy exclusive family office model further underscores its mission to democratize access to top-tier wealth management.

Future Opportunities

As technology revolutionizes the financial sector, the future seems bright for startups like Modern Wealth. By combining financial planning and wealth management with technology, firms can provide personalized, efficient services to a wider audience. The shift towards virtual wealth management could also encourage a more diverse client base, surpassing previous limitations like location and socioeconomic status. Furthermore, as GenX entrepreneurs and executives continue to rise within their respective industries, the demand for specialized services that cater to their unique financial needs is set to increase.

Modern Wealth has positioned itself at the forefront of this change by leveraging a virtually accessible family office model. As the demand builds, and the trend towards digitization continues, it’s safe to say that Modern Wealth is set to carve a niche for itself in the finance sector’s future. To learn more about Modern Wealth, follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin or visit their website.

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