Is Voice Security the Key to Preventing Merchant Fraud and Ensuring Compliance?

As fraud and data breaches become increasingly common, businesses and consumers alike are scrambling for reliable safeguards. Oxford-based startup, Speik, may hold the answer with its unique voice security solution. The question on everyone’s mind: Is voice security the key to preventing merchant fraud and ensuring compliance?

Speik operates under the tenet that voice security plays an integral role in preventing fraud and ensuring compliance, especially in phone-based transactions. The startup emerged as a trailblazer in the compliance, fraud detection, and security industries by offering much-needed answers in a world increasingly reliant on digital transactions.

  • Key Takeaways:
  • Speik is a pioneer in the voice security solution industry, offering complete protection from call recording, fraud detection to PCI phone payments.
  • Unlike other providers, Speik offers both PCI payments and secure call recording – making compliance much more straightforward and inexpensive for contact centres.
  • Based in Oxford, UK, this startup could lead the way in merchant fraud prevention and compliance assurance.

What differentiates Speik from other players in the industry is its unique, dual-pronged approach. It is the only technology provider to offer industry-leading solutions in both PCI payments and secure call recording. Speik’s products remove all credit card data from the merchant infrastructure, making the attainment and ongoing maintenance of contact center PCI DSS compliance easier, quicker, and considerably less expensive.

Furthermore, Speik’s security solutions proactively detect fraudulent activities, offering additional peace of mind to businesses. The involvement of voice security adds another layer of protection in phone payment systems, ensuring greater security for both companies and customers.

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The future of Speik looks promising, especially with the increasing recognition of voice security’s role in fraud prevention and compliance. The innovative combination of PCI payments and secure call recording could very soon become the industry standard, with Speik leading that change. The startup’s continued focus on applying technology to address security challenges will no doubt propel its growth further in the industry.

As we move into an era dominated by online transactions, Speik’s unique solutions could offer a blueprint for other businesses to effectively tackle fraud and ensure compliance. To learn more about Speik, follow this link to visit their website, or connect with them on Twitter, facebook, linkedin.

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