NoTraffic Races Forward with $50 Million Series B, Accelerating the Future of Intelligent Mobility

In a remarkable show of support for artificial intelligence’s transformative role in transportation, NoTraffic, the Tel Aviv-based startup, has secured a staggering $50 million in Series B funding. The round, led by M&G Investments, has brought the company’s total funding to $75.65 million.

Founded with the vision of leading the world in intelligent mobility platforms, NoTraffic is redefining the boundaries of transportation using an array of tech-centric disciplines including AI, big data, cloud computing, computer vision, and machine learning. The startup leverages these technologies to optimize traffic flow, decrease congestion, and minimize accidents, offering an unrivaled approach that could reshape city landscapes and the everyday lives of city dwellers across the globe.

The recent funding round showcases a growing confidence in NoTraffic’s innovative solutions. Other key participants included renowned venture capital firms like Grove Ventures, UMC Capital, and VNV Global. Their investment further cements NoTraffic’s position as a leader in the cutting-edge AI-driven mobility sector.

With its roots in Tel Aviv, a vibrant and rapidly growing hub for high-tech startups, NoTraffic is perfectly positioned to leverage the city’s rich ecosystem of tech talent and innovative thinkers. Given the sheer magnitude of the latest fundraise, the company is likely to accelerate its research and development activities, further enhancing its product suite and expanding its market presence.

It is significant to note that NoTraffic, now in its fifth funding round, has seen consistent growth in investor interest, indicating the efficacy and value proposition of its technology. The fundraise will bolster the startup’s ability to innovate within the machine learning and big data landscapes, demonstrating the immense potential of these technologies to solve complex, real-world problems.

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The Series B funding round arrives as the industry begins to recognize the crucial role artificial intelligence and related technologies will play in the future of transportation. NoTraffic’s platform offers a compelling solution that combines cloud computing and hardware advancements, a combination that can revolutionize not just traffic management, but also other sectors like government services, SaaS solutions, and social initiatives.

Stay tuned to our updates as we follow NoTraffic’s journey in shaping the future of intelligent mobility and changing the way we navigate our world. For more about NoTraffic, visit

The story of NoTraffic is a clear testament to the power of innovation in driving sustainable solutions and shaping our collective future. This recent fundraise round signals a new era in intelligent mobility solutions, with NoTraffic at the helm, steering us toward a more efficient and safer world.

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