Revolutionary Building Blocks: A Game Changer for Force Protection

Scottish Startup QUICKBLOCK Transforms Defense Infrastructure with Lightweight, Rapid-Assembly System

Key Takeaways

  • DASA funding accelerates the development of QUICKBLOCK’s innovative lightweight building block system for military use.
  • QUICKBLOCK offers versatile solutions for rapid assembly of defensive structures, reducing logistical burden and enhancing force protection.
  • Access to Mentoring and Finance (A2MF) team supports QUICKBLOCK’s growth and prepares them for future investments and market readiness.

The Need for Rapid Assembly and Enhanced Force Protection

Current defensive structures such as vehicle checkpoints, sangars, barriers, and in-field structures play a crucial role in protecting operational troops in high-risk environments. However, traditional building materials and methods require significant time, manpower, and resources, making them inefficient and burdensome. There is a pressing need for lightweight, durable, and rapidly deployable materials that can be used to build structures in time-sensitive situations.

QUICKBLOCK: A Groundbreaking Solution

Scottish startup QUICKBLOCK has developed a modular building system made of lightweight, flat-packed building blocks originally intended for disaster relief and humanitarian aid structures. With DASA funding, the company has refined its product suite for defense and security applications.

QUICKBLOCK offers two types of building blocks: one made of recycled plastic that can be filled with materials such as earth for added protection, and an armoured solution made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) panels. These interlocking blocks can be used to build structures of varying sizes and permanence with minimal logistical burden.

Benefits of QUICKBLOCK’s Modular Building System

QUICKBLOCK’s innovative system provides numerous advantages for military personnel, including:

  • Ease of use: No technical knowledge or tools are required to build structures using QUICKBLOCK’s building blocks.
  • Flexibility: The building blocks can be used in various environments, such as uneven terrain, rural, and urban settings, for a wide range of applications, including vehicle checkpoints, defensive structures, temporary shelters, and more.
  • Low logistical footprint: The self-supporting blocks do not require additional materials, reducing weight, carbon footprint, and assembly time.
  • Rapid building capabilities: A small team can assemble a vehicle checkpoint-sized structure in under four minutes.
  • Force protection: QUICKBLOCK’s armoured blocks provide significant protection against ballistic threats and blasts, while the plastic version can be filled with gravel or sand for added protection.
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DASA’s Impact on QUICKBLOCK’s Success

With the support of DASA funding and the Access to Mentoring and Finance (A2MF) team, QUICKBLOCK has experienced rapid growth, expanding from a single-employee business to a team of five. The company has also raised two seed investment rounds in the past year.

QUICKBLOCK’s engagement with DASA has enabled them to enhance their product offering, develop new solutions for military and civilian use, and prepare for future investments and market readiness.

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