Revolutionizing Colombia: Who Are Leading the Artificial Intelligence Startup Scene?

Things are heating up in Colombia, a country graced not only by its unrivaled natural beauty, but also by its fast-growing tech startup scene with particular momentum in the sector of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This article from takes you on a virtual tour through fifteen of Colombia’s most interesting AI startups. These businesses are successfully hewing out a niche for themselves in a world where AI fuses with every industry vertical.

Colombian AI startups are solving real-world issues- be it healthcare, energy, education, finance, or communication. They have quickly recognized that an effective use of data can be a game-changer, leveraging AI algorithms for predictive analysis, cognitive computing and automated decision-making processes. Could one of these Colombian startups be the next AI giant in an industry expected to reach $733.6 billion by 2027? Let’s find out.

We have carefully picked these 15 startups not only for their innovative use of AI but also for their scalability, originality and the social impact of their business models. Here they are in no particular order:

NEU Energy

NEU Energy has revolutionized the energy sector. As an AI-Driven Distributed Energy Service Provider, they are striving to tackle energy cost inefficiencies through the use of predictive analysis and machine learning algorithms.


Saludtools is an example of AI technology revolutionizing healthcare treatment. Their aim is to ease doctor’s workloads while enhancing patient care.

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If creative AI is your thing, then check out Sandac. They are using AI for 3D animation and development of meta-human experiences in the metaverse and NFTs.

End-to-end AI solutions are the bread and butter of The company focuses on addressing the inventory, pricing, and loyalty challenges of modern retailers.


Igo is a delivery chat platform, designed to streamline delivery services in medium-sized Latin American cities.

Switch AI

Switch AI technology is all about machine learning, camera imaging, and data science. They aim to provide tools and solutions to overcome a range of challenges in a variety of sectors.

Focus Data

Known for their marketing analytics, Focus Data uses AI to develop and implement innovative marketing strategies based on analyzing data patterns.


Human intervention in mortgage credit applications could become a thing of the past with Koggi. Their platform uses AI to help users with the mortgage application process, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.


Taking a leap with language learning, LEAH APP uses AI to measure English proficiency level in just 10 minutes.


The AnniQ platform is an AI that aids in better business decisions. It uses business data and big data market information for strategic planning.

Elemento Alpha

Elemento Alpha is an AI & ML powered FinTech company that provides Asset Managers with quantitative advisory products for portfolio construction.


SmartMan.AI is a product ordering system for ecommerce stores that uses AI to streamline the process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.


Increasing sales and reducing operating costs is the aim of Wapper. Their intelligent assistant uses AI to help small businesses handle customer engagement via WhatsApp.

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At Feelenials, emotion analytics are key. The company developed an AI technology that helps track and improve the overall mood within a company environment.


Lastly, Datup is an AI and Big Data platform that predicts demand, prevents stock-outs, and optimizes the performance of the supply chain.

In conclusion, Colombia’s AI landscape is advancing fast. The country is poised to shake up the world of AI with these emerging startups. A revolution is on the horizon, and it’s worth keeping an eye on these ground-breaking companies. Stay tuned with for more insightful articles on startups around the globe.

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