Revolutionizing Dining Experience: Can A Tech Platform Boost Restaurant Profits?

Key Takeaways:

  • DeMeNew Tech is a Hyberdad-based start-up aiming at revolutionizing the dining out experience.
  • The company uses state-of-the-art technology to help restaurants manage their businesses more efficiently and profitably.
  • Through their platform, DeMeNew Tech improves several key areas in a restaurant’s business including order management, billing, menu engineering to increase ticket size, reduce wastage of resources and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.


Blending Technological innovation with the fine-dining experience, DeMeNew Tech, a start-up company based in Hyderabad, is set to revolutionize the restaurant industry and its dining experience. Born out of a passion for food and curiosity to explore different cuisines and eateries, DeMeNew Tech is helping restaurants improve their bottom line while forging a lasting relationship with their customers.

Using a sleek and smart Tab, the company aims to simplify “dining out” experiences for foodies and provide an effective order management, billing, and menu engineering mechanism for restaurants. As a result, it epitomizes the transformative venture of how technology when utilized effectively can have profound impacts, even in sectors like the food and beverage industry.

What separates DeMeNew Tech from the rest?

One of the primary differentiators of DeMeNew Tech is the approach towards understanding the twofold challenge – enhancing the dining experience for consumers while helping restaurant owners manage their business profitably. For consumers, a simplified dining out experience is promised, while restaurant owners benefit from efficient order management, increased ticket size, reduced wastage of resources, and improved customer lifetime value.

Another noteworthy factor is the technology that powers DeMeNew Tech. The platform doesn’t just provide a superficial solution but rather goes deep into every dining aspect. From order management to billing, menu engineering, reducing wastage, enhancing customer experience, the technology is designed to refine all these areas, making it a comprehensive and reliable solution for restaurant owners.

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The future holds great promise

The impact of DeMeNew Tech extends beyond just business profitability. Given the potential to influence consumer behavior and dining patterns, the platform holds much promise for the future industry trends. As restaurants adapt to maintaining profit optimization and providing unique customer engagement, DeMeNew Tech appears well-positioned to extend its role in shaping the dining experience of the future.

With passion and promising technology at their heart, DeMeNew Tech is bound to make ripples in the Food and Beverage industry. Stay connected with DeMeNew’s journey on their website and LinkedIn page. Join them to revolutionize the dining experience, one meal at a time.

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