Revolutionizing E-Commerce: Is Last-Mile Delivery The Future of Logistics Management?

Key Takeaways:

  • GEL Proximity connects eShops, Fulfillment Operators, and Road Carriers with innovative last-mile delivery services.
  • The startup aims to advance both eCommerce growth and Smart Cities conversion through its tech connector platform.
  • GEL Proximity is based in Milan, Italy and has made it to the prestigious list of Politecnico di Milano’s Spin Offs.
  • The company was recently acquired by MBE Worldwide, further solidifying its position in the logistics and supply chain industry.

As eCommerce continues to magnify its global presence, elements like supply chain management, shipping, and especially last-mile delivery have emerged as essential aspects for success. Helping industries and companies navigate this complex landscape is GEL Proximity. This Milan-based startup has positioned itself as a revolutionary player in the logistics and supply chain management realm by delivering a platform to manage several last-mile delivery services.

Evolving from a Capitals company into one of Politecnico di Milano’s Spin Offs in 2020, GEL Proximity’s unique proposition has set a new bar for eCommerce platforms. The company’s recent acquisition by MBE Worldwide cements the significance of their innovative solution in transforming the industry’s prevalent paradigms.

Differentiating Factors

What sets GEL Proximity apart is its robust B2B software, which is specifically designed as a tech connector to handle thousands of Collection Points and Lockers. The platform brings together eShops, Fulfillment Operators, and Road Carriers, thereby creating a symbiotic and seamless logistics ecosystem. The startup’s innovation and value proposition lie in its ability to connect these diverse sets of players, ensuring that eCommerce flows are efficiently managed across relaxed geographical boundaries.

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Furthermore, GEL Proximity also aligns itself with the global agenda of carbon footprint reduction. The platform facilitates package collection systems and promotes the conversion of Smart Cities, thereby yielding a two-pronged benefit – a boost to online retail growth and a decrease in harmful emissions.


GEL Proximity is well on its path towards changing the landscape of last-mile delivery in eCommerce logistics. Emphasizing its resolve to make logistics a carbon-neutral industry, the startup’s future seems promising. By connecting different players in the eCommerce value chain, GEL Proximity is undoubtedly contributing to the creation of a sustainable and robust logistics system with its innovative solution.

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Explore the bubble  Is This the Future of Innovative Payment Transaction Software Solutions?

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