Revolutionizing Student Networking: Who’s Linking Past, Present and Future Globally?

Key Takeaways:

  • PS Remember INC is a revolutionary social media networking platform that connects students across time and space.
  • The company’s database has over 2.5 million schools, allowing students to discover former classmates no matter where they are.
  • Founded by Canadian duo, Angelique and Dwight Morrison, the platform is in use in over 147 countries worldwide.
  • Recent development in 2022 includes the launch of a mobile app – available on both Google Play and The App Store, broadening the platform’s reach and accessibility.


Have you ever wondered where your former classmates ended up or wanted to network with students on a global level? PS Remember INC has come up with a game-changing answer to these questions. Considered by many as a revolutionary innovation, this technology company has birthed a unique social media networking platform that is designed to connect students across different space and time — past, present, and future.

Using cutting-edge technology, PS Remember INC is keeping the past alive while shaping the present and future of students around the world. Based out of Bowie, Maryland, this startup is designed to fill a gap in the digital space where students can network irrespective of geographical boundaries. It’s an international network base of students allowing for such an extensive exchange of ideas and connections.

Differentiating Factors:

Undoubtedly, what separates PS Remember INC from a sea of networking platforms is its sheer scale and specificity. The platform’s massive database boasts of information about over 2.5 million schools, offering an unprecedented scope to discover former and new classmates worldwide. It’s not a networking platform that focuses solely on the present state but instead places equal importance linking students from the past, present and, future.

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The platform has made remarkable strides since its inception in 2019, course laid by founders Dwight and Angelique Morrison. The platform’s global reach is a clear testament to its mission. As of 2022, the PS Remember platform is being used in over 147 countries worldwide – from Syria, Nigeria, Ghana to the USA, Canada, and many more.


The face of digital networking for students is experiencing a significant shift. PS Remember INC is at the helm of it, interlinking the past, present, and future of pupils from all corners of the world. As this groundbreaking platform continues to expand its digital footprints, its future looks promising with potential to disrupt the global social networking scene, specifically targeted towards students’ needs.

In an era where digital bonds forge and harbor growth, platforms like PS Remember offer immense value in unprecedented student networking. You can follow their journey and be updated with their strides on their socials – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or visit their website for more information.

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