Startup Showcase: CarbonChain – Tracking Supply Chain Emissions for a Greener Future

CarbonChain is a London-based startup that provides a digital platform for companies in polluting industries to track their supply chain greenhouse gas emissions. With a mission to help companies transition to a low-carbon economy, CarbonChain aims to foster transparency, enhance security, and drive efficiencies and cost savings across supply chains.

Tracking greenhouse gas emissions is an essential step towards mitigating climate change, and CarbonChain makes it easier for companies to do so by digitizing their supply chains. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at CarbonChain’s platform, the industries it serves, and the benefits of tracking supply chain emissions.

Tracking Supply Chain Emissions with CarbonChain

CarbonChain’s platform allows companies in industries such as metals and mining, oil and gas, and agriculture to track their greenhouse gas emissions throughout their supply chains. The platform uses a database of emissions factors covering individual assets, from mines to ships, to provide accurate and reliable data on emissions.

Industries Served by CarbonChain

CarbonChain’s platform is designed for companies in industries that are traditionally known to be polluting. By tracking supply chain emissions, companies in these industries can take steps to reduce their impact on the environment and support sustainable business practices.

Metals and Mining:

The metals and mining industry is one of the most polluting industries globally, with significant emissions from mining and transportation. CarbonChain’s platform allows companies in this industry to track their emissions and identify areas where they can reduce their environmental impact.

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Oil and Gas:

The oil and gas industry is responsible for a significant portion of global emissions, with emissions from extraction, transportation, and processing. CarbonChain’s platform allows companies in this industry to track their emissions and take steps towards a low-carbon future.


The agriculture industry is responsible for significant emissions from livestock, fertilizers, and transportation. CarbonChain’s platform allows companies in this industry to track their emissions and take steps towards sustainable farming practices.

Benefits of Tracking Supply Chain Emissions

Tracking supply chain emissions is essential for companies looking to transition to a low-carbon economy. CarbonChain’s platform offers a range of benefits, ESG leadership recognition: Companies that track their emissions and take steps towards sustainability can improve their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ratings and gain recognition as leaders in sustainable business practices.


CarbonChain’s platform provides an essential service for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and transition to a low-carbon economy. By tracking supply chain emissions, companies can make informed decisions that support sustainable business practices while also improving their bottom line. With its database of emissions factors and real-time data, CarbonChain is at the forefront of the fight against climate change.




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