Startup Showcase: Consciously – Empowering Conscious Consumers to Shop with Purpose

Making Ethical Shopping Effortless and Impactful


Welcome to, where we present the most innovative and impactful startups making waves in the business world. Today, we are thrilled to showcase “Consciously,” a trailblazing company based in Los Gatos, California, United States. Consciously is on a mission to revolutionize the way we shop by providing invaluable insights to conscious consumers. If you’ve ever wondered about the impact of your purchases on society and the environment, Consciously is here to help. Let’s delve into how this startup is transforming the shopping landscape and empowering individuals to make a positive change with every purchase.

A Conscious Shopping Revolution

In an age where consumers are increasingly mindful of their choices, Consciously emerges as a beacon of conscious shopping. The company understands that today’s consumers want to align their values with their purchases but often find it challenging to navigate the vast sea of products and brands. With Consciously’s groundbreaking free browser tool, this task becomes effortless.

The Power of Information

At the heart of Consciously lies the belief that information empowers consumers to make better choices. Their browser tool provides instant insights on whether a company aligns with the causes that matter most to you. From promoting cruelty-free products to supporting Black-owned, women-owned, and small businesses, Consciously brings clarity to the ethical dimensions of your shopping decisions.

Unleashing Impactful Shopping

With Consciously, impact-driven shopping is no longer a distant dream. Their platform enables users to shop responsibly while browsing through Amazon. As one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon’s vastness can sometimes be overwhelming, but Consciously ensures you make choices that align with your values. Whether you’re passionate about animal rights, supporting local businesses, or fostering social change, Consciously has got you covered.

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Features and Upcoming Developments

  1. A User-Friendly Experience: Consciously’s browser tool seamlessly integrates with your online shopping experience. Once installed, a small icon appears, providing real-time insights as you explore products on Amazon. It’s easy, intuitive, and impactful.
  2. Expanding Causes: While Consciously is already a powerful ally for numerous causes, they are committed to continuous growth. In 2022, the platform will introduce additional causes, including environmental and political giving, further amplifying your ability to make a difference.
  3. Global Reach: Although based in California, Consciously serves a global audience. Their commitment to empowering conscious consumers transcends borders, making a worldwide impact on shopping behaviors and promoting socially responsible business practices.


In a world where every purchase has the potential to shape a better future, Consciously stands at the forefront of a shopping revolution. Through their innovative browser tool, they equip consumers with the knowledge to make informed, ethical choices effortlessly. Consciously proves that conscious shopping doesn’t have to be cumbersome; it can be as easy as a click.


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