Startup Showcase: Famitra Revolutionizes Asset Protection with Innovative Family Trust Consultation Services

Unlocking Financial Security for Families through Trust Solutions


Welcome to, where we highlight innovative startups that are making waves in the business world. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we present Famitra, a Tokyo-based company that offers cutting-edge consultation services for the formation of family trusts. Famitra is revolutionizing the way families protect their assets from being frozen due to dementia and other unforeseen circumstances. Join us as we explore how Famitra is changing the landscape of asset management and ensuring financial security for families.

Tackling Asset Freezing with Trust Solutions

Famitra’s mission is to prevent asset freezing caused by dementia or other challenges by offering a unique solution through family trusts. With their comprehensive understanding of the family trust system, Famitra empowers families to entrust the management, operation, and disposal of their assets to trustworthy individuals within the family circle. By leveraging the benefits of family trusts, Famitra enables flexible asset management that aligns with the wishes and needs of both the settlor and their family.

Preserving Financial Stability for

Future Generations One of the primary goals of Famitra is to ensure that families can pass down their wealth and assets to future generations without the risk of asset freezes. Through their expert consultation services, they assist families in structuring family trusts that protect assets from potential legal or financial complications. By taking a proactive approach, families can maintain financial stability and provide a secure future for their loved ones.

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Trustworthy Partnerships and Expert

Guidance At Famitra, the cornerstone of their success lies in the establishment of trustworthy partnerships with their clients. By prioritizing transparency and building strong relationships, Famitra acts as a reliable guide throughout the entire process of forming a family trust. Their team of experts offers personalized advice tailored to each client’s specific needs, ensuring that the family trust aligns perfectly with their long-term goals.


Famitra is leading the way in transforming the asset protection landscape with their innovative consultation services for family trusts. By helping families navigate the complexities of asset management, they are empowering them to safeguard their wealth and ensure its smooth transfer across generations. Famitra’s dedication to trust, transparency, and client satisfaction sets them apart in the industry.


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