Startup Showcase: FutureFeed Revolutionizing Livestock Feed for a Sustainable Future

Exploring FutureFeed's Innovative Solution to Enhance Livestock Productivity and Combat Climate Change


Welcome to, where we showcase groundbreaking startups that are making a difference in various industries. In this edition, we are thrilled to present FutureFeed, an Australian startup that is transforming the agricultural landscape with its innovative livestock feed ingredient. With a mission to address the challenges of our time while ensuring profitable and productive agriculture, FutureFeed is poised to revolutionize the way we feed livestock.

The Birth of FutureFeed

FutureFeed Pty Ltd emerged from a collaboration between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Meat and Livestock Australia, and James Cook University. Supported by significant investments from Woolworths, Graincorp, Harvest Road, AGP Sustainable Real Assets, and Sparklabs Cultiv8, this startup has acquired global intellectual property rights to a breakthrough technology developed by these prestigious institutions.

Introducing Asparagopsis: The Game-Changing Feed Ingredient

At the heart of FutureFeed’s solution lies Asparagopsis, a specific type of seaweed with extraordinary properties. By incorporating this seaweed into livestock feed, FutureFeed offers a unique way to simultaneously increase production and reduce methane emissions. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and its reduction is crucial for combating climate change.

Unlocking Benefits for Farmers and the Environment

Livestock farmers face the dual challenge of maintaining profitability while minimizing their environmental impact. FutureFeed’s innovative solution tackles this dilemma head-on. By enhancing livestock productivity and reducing methane emissions, farmers can improve their financial performance while actively contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.

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Access to Carbon Markets and Premium Niche Markets

In addition to the direct benefits, FutureFeed’s solution opens up new avenues for farmers. Through carbon markets, farmers can potentially generate additional income by selling carbon credits based on their reduced methane emissions. Furthermore, by offering a low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly product, FutureFeed enables farmers to tap into premium niche markets where sustainability and responsible practices are highly valued.


FutureFeed is leading the charge in revolutionizing livestock feed for a sustainable future. With its innovative use of Asparagopsis seaweed, this startup aims to simultaneously boost production, reduce methane emissions, and provide farmers with new income streams. By aligning profitability and environmental responsibility, FutureFeed is paving the way for a more sustainable and climate-conscious agricultural industry.



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