Startup Showcase: GeoTwin Revolutionizing Market Research with Synthetic Population Panel


In the era of big data, understanding human behavior and preferences has become crucial for businesses across industries. Traditional market research methods often prove time-consuming, expensive, and limited in scope. Enter GeoTwin, a Paris-based startup that is transforming the landscape of market research with its innovative digital population panel and no-code social and behavior simulation tool. Through their groundbreaking SaaS platform, the “Human-Centred Market Intelligence Platform,” GeoTwin offers businesses the power to gain invaluable insights into consumer behavior, all at a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional research methods.

Unlocking the Power of Synthetic Population Panel

GeoTwin’s proprietary synthetic population panel is at the heart of their revolutionary market research approach. With millions of digital identities meticulously crafted to represent real-life individuals, this synthetic population panel serves as a dynamic tool for analyzing and simulating human behavior. By leveraging real-life data sources such as census, mobility, traffic, point of interest, mobile phones, and payment cards, GeoTwin’s solution provides precise insights into the way humans behave, all while safeguarding privacy.

No-code Social and Behavior Simulation Tool

One of GeoTwin’s standout features is its no-code social and behavior simulation tool. Researchers, analysts, and decision-makers can harness the power of this intuitive tool to run simulations, test hypotheses, and derive results in a matter of hours. By eliminating the need for lengthy and costly studies, GeoTwin’s cloud-based research platform empowers users to make data-driven decisions swiftly and efficiently. The ability to quickly change parameters and experiment with various scenarios gives businesses a competitive edge in adapting to changing market dynamics.

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Streamlining Research for Analysts and Decision Makers

GeoTwin’s innovative approach dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with market research. Instead of relying on external firms for expensive studies that can take months or even years, analysts and decision-makers can leverage GeoTwin’s platform to gain immediate insights. The user-friendly interface, coupled with the powerful simulation capabilities, enables users to explore different scenarios and fine-tune their strategies with ease. With GeoTwin, the process of extracting valuable market insights becomes accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.


GeoTwin is rewriting the rules of market research with its innovative approach powered by a synthetic population panel and no-code social and behavior simulation tool. By combining real-life data sources with advanced computing capabilities, they provide businesses with unprecedented insights into consumer behavior, all while reducing time and costs. As GeoTwin continues to disrupt the traditional market research methods, their Human-Centred Market Intelligence Platform is set to empower analysts, researchers, and decision-makers worldwide. Join the GeoTwin revolution today and unlock the power of data-driven decision-making.





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