Startup Showcase: Got It AI – Introducing Autonomous Conversational AI for Next-Generation Customer Experience

Got It AI is revolutionizing the way enterprises interact with their customers by introducing Autonomous Conversational AI. The award-winning startup based in Palo Alto, California, offers a platform that uses Generative AI to AutoDiscover unique virtual agents. With Got It AI, enterprises can effortlessly create intelligent virtual agents that can handle unique customer journeys, without any manual work.

Fast and Cost-Efficient Automation:

Creating virtual agents with Got It AI is fast, cost-efficient, and hassle-free. The platform uses Generative AI to automatically generate and visualize dialog paths unique to customer journeys, without requiring any manual work. This helps enterprises save valuable time and resources that they can allocate towards other essential business operations.

Invest Confidently with Verification:

Got It AI provides upfront containment estimates to help enterprises trust the automation approach. The platform verifies virtual agent dialog paths to ensure they align with business objectives and are optimized for customer satisfaction. With Got It AI, businesses can invest confidently in creating virtual agents that improve customer experiences, without worrying about any potential setbacks.

Future-Proof Flexibility:

Virtual agents created with Got It AI can be deployed in the platform’s open-source-based NLU/Dialog Manager or popular third-party NLU/Dialog Managers. This flexibility ensures that enterprises can deploy virtual agents that meet their specific requirements and preferences. Got It AI’s platform is scalable, secure, and flexible, allowing businesses to comply with all necessary standards.

Scalable, Secure, and Flexible Deployments: Got It AI’s virtual agents are scalable, secure, and flexible. They can be deployed per the enterprise’s compliance standards, ensuring that businesses can maintain security and compliance while improving customer experiences. Got It AI’s conversational AI is recognized as a leader in the industry, providing automation in days, not months.

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Got It AI is the perfect platform for enterprises looking to improve customer experiences while saving valuable time and resources. With its award-winning Autonomous Conversational AI, businesses can create unique virtual agents that are optimized for specific customer journeys without any manual work. Got It AI’s upfront containment estimates and verification of virtual agent dialog paths enable businesses to invest confidently in automation. The platform’s future-proof flexibility ensures that virtual agents can be deployed per the enterprise’s compliance standards, making it scalable, secure, and flexible.




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