Startup Showcase: Hoory – Revolutionizing Customer Support with AI-Powered Excellence

Enabling Seamless Customer Experiences Through AI-Powered Assistance

In a world where customer expectations are higher than ever, businesses need a game-changing solution to provide impeccable support around the clock. Meet Hoory, the Glendale-based startup that’s transforming customer support with its cutting-edge AI-powered customer support assistant. This showcase delves into how Hoory is revolutionizing customer support by automating interactions, enhancing loyalty, and optimizing experiences.

Automate with Intelligence

Hoory emerges as the solution to the perennial challenge of delivering swift and efficient customer support. Leveraging the prowess of conversational AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, Hoory transcends mere automation. It possesses the capacity to comprehend customer intent, offer relevant answers, and cultivate lasting customer loyalty. Gone are the days of delayed responses and repetitive queries. Hoory ensures that every interaction is seamless and personalized, boosting brand credibility.

Efficiency Meets Excellence

The heart of Hoory’s innovation lies in its multifunctional capabilities. Beyond its advanced AI prowess, Hoory functions as a shared inbox, providing a unified platform for both AI and human agents to interact harmoniously. This streamlined communication enhances agent efficiency and enables them to seamlessly take over conversations from the AI assistant. With features such as conversation history access, priority tagging, and filtering options, Hoory empowers businesses to stay organized and responsive.

Empowerment Through Training

Hoory recognizes that every business is unique, which is why it offers a comprehensive training feature. Businesses can train their AI assistant to provide tailored and accurate responses to customer queries. By identifying recurring questions and creating interactive responses with buttons, links, and images, Hoory ensures that customers receive information that’s not only relevant but also engaging. The personalization extends to using customer names and referencing their location, fostering a more human-like interaction.

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Collaborative Customer Care

Hoory promotes collaboration within your customer support team. Multiple team members can engage with the AI assistant collectively, ensuring that customers receive the most accurate and informed responses. Through customizable permissions and task assignments, businesses can maximize expertise, making sure each customer query is handled by the most suitable team member.

Branding with Character

The startup understands the significance of brand identity. With its customizable widget, Hoory offers the flexibility to match the assistant’s appearance with your brand’s personality. Tailor the widget’s avatar, color scheme, and name, creating a consistent and immersive customer experience.

Seamless Communication through Speech Recognition

Hoory is future-oriented, embracing speech recognition technology that enables effortless communication between customers and the AI assistant. By seamlessly converting speech to text and vice versa, Hoory caters to diverse communication preferences, making interactions smoother and more convenient.

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Customer Support Today

In a landscape where customer satisfaction is the ultimate differentiator, Hoory emerges as the catalyst for change. By automating customer interactions, enhancing personalization, and fostering team collaboration, Hoory enables businesses to redefine customer support.


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