Startup Showcase: Inclusively – Empowering Job Seekers with Disabilities

Inclusively is a revolutionary startup that is dedicated to driving employment opportunities among the disability community. As a technology-centered professional network and employment platform, Inclusively connects job seekers with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illnesses to inclusive employers committed to providing necessary workplace accommodations. Inclusively believes that employment is a matter of both human dignity and economic urgency, and their mission is to create a more inclusive workforce by promoting disability employment.

A Revolutionary Idea

Inclusively was founded with the idea of empowering job seekers with disabilities. According to statistics, 1 in 4 people will have a disability during their working years. However, many people with disabilities are still facing barriers when it comes to finding employment. Inclusively’s founders recognized this challenge and wanted to create a platform that would help people with disabilities to find meaningful employment.

Inclusively’s Recruitment Process

Inclusively’s recruitment process is modern and innovative. The company’s platform connects job seekers with disabilities to inclusive employers who are committed to providing necessary workplace accommodations. Inclusively also provides a marketplace for candidates who benefit from workplace accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes mobility/physical, visual, hearing, neurodivergent, cognitive, speech, chronic illnesses, mental health conditions, and intellectual disabilities. Inclusively ensures that employers are aware of the accommodations that are needed for each job seeker, making the recruitment process much more streamlined and efficient.

Inclusively’s Commitment to Inclusivity

Inclusively is committed to promoting inclusivity in the workforce. The company works closely with employers to help them understand the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. Inclusively also offers training and resources to employers to help them create more inclusive workplaces. Inclusively’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in everything they do, from their recruitment process to their partnerships with employers.

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The Future of Inclusively

Inclusively has a bright future ahead. The company’s innovative platform is already making a significant impact in the disability employment sector, and their commitment to inclusivity is setting a new standard for the industry. Inclusively is constantly looking for ways to improve and expand their platform, and they are always on the lookout for new partnerships and collaborations.


Inclusively is an exciting startup that is dedicated to driving employment opportunities among the disability community. With their modern recruitment process and commitment to inclusivity, Inclusively is changing the way employers think about disability employment. Inclusively is a prime example of how technology can be used to promote social good, and their platform is making a real difference in the lives of job seekers with disabilities.




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