Startup Showcase: Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals

Revolutionizing Immunology Therapeutics with Cutting-Edge Biotechnology


Welcome to, where we bring you the most exciting and innovative startups from around the world. In this Startup Showcase, we present Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals, a groundbreaking biotech company based in Pudong, Shandong, China. With a strong focus on immunology-related therapeutic areas, Inmagene is at the forefront of developing novel treatments to combat autoimmune diseases. Join us as we explore their remarkable achievements and pioneering drug candidates.

Trailblazing the Field of Immunology Therapeutics:

Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals has emerged as a leading player in the biotech industry, dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment landscape for immunology-related disorders. By leveraging cutting-edge biotechnology, the company is developing groundbreaking therapeutics that have the potential to transform the lives of millions.

Meet IMG-020: The Promising Candidate for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis:

At the heart of Inmagene’s success is their most advanced drug candidate, IMG-020, also known as izokibep. This groundbreaking compound has achieved remarkable results, meeting protocol endpoints in global phase II studies for both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA). With IND approval from the China National Medical Products Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE), IMG-020 is now set to enter phase III studies for plaque psoriasis, promising new hope for patients around the world.

Collaborative Breakthroughs: Global Phase II Trials for Autoimmune Diseases:

Inmagene understands the power of collaboration in driving innovation. The company is actively partnering with leading institutions and pharmaceutical companies to conduct global phase II trials for a range of autoimmune diseases. From PsA to ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and uveitis, Inmagene’s efforts extend beyond a single condition, aiming to address the broader challenges faced by patients with autoimmune disorders.

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Expanding the Horizon: Global Phase I Studies for IMG-004 and IMG-007:

In addition to IMG-020, Inmagene is making significant strides with IMG-004 and IMG-007, both of which hold global rights. These promising drug candidates are currently undergoing global phase I studies, paving the way for a new era of immunology therapeutics. Inmagene’s dedication to advancing these innovative compounds exemplifies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical science.

IMG-008: A Future Prospect on the Horizon:

Looking ahead, Inmagene has a compelling pipeline of drug candidates. IMG-008, an internally developed compound, is set to take center stage as it prepares for global IND submission in 2022. With a focus on identifying unmet needs and developing effective solutions, Inmagene continues to drive innovation forward, offering hope to patients worldwide.


Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of immunology therapeutics. Through their cutting-edge research and development efforts, they are spearheading the fight against autoimmune diseases, bringing new possibilities to patients’ lives. As they continue to expand their global presence and forge strategic partnerships, the future looks brighter than ever for Inmagene and the millions who stand to benefit from their groundbreaking discoveries.



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