Startup Showcase: Mable (Neurolytic Healthcare)

Revolutionizing Neurological Care Through Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups from around the world. In this edition of Startup Showcase, we are thrilled to present Mable (Neurolytic Healthcare), a groundbreaking company based in Oxford, United Kingdom. Mable is transforming the field of neurological care by leveraging genomics and personalized medicine to provide tailored treatments for individuals with neurological conditions. Join us as we dive into the exciting world of Mable and explore how they are revolutionizing healthcare.

Genomics-driven Personalized Care

At the core of Mable’s mission is the commitment to deliver genomics-driven personalized care for people with neurological conditions. By harnessing the power of genetic and biomarker data, Mable unlocks valuable insights that enhance diagnosis and enable clinicians to make informed decisions about optimal treatment strategies. With a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s genetic makeup and biomarkers, Mable is paving the way for more targeted and effective treatments.

Transforming the Treatment of Migraine and Neurological Disorders

Mable’s innovative approach is particularly evident in their efforts to improve the treatment of migraine and other neurological disorders. Through their cutting-edge medical devices, Mable empowers both patients and healthcare professionals to better manage these conditions. Among their offerings is a diagnostic support tool that assists clinicians in accurately diagnosing and monitoring patients with migraines. By leveraging genomics and biomarker data, this tool provides valuable insights that guide treatment decisions and optimize patient outcomes.

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The Power of Pharmacogenetic Testing and Mobile App

In addition to their diagnostic support tool, Mable offers a pharmacogenetic test designed to enhance medication selection for patients with neurological conditions. This test analyzes an individual’s genetic makeup to identify potential drug interactions, tolerances, and sensitivities. By integrating this knowledge into treatment plans, Mable ensures that patients receive medications that are most likely to be effective and well-tolerated, minimizing adverse effects and improving overall treatment outcomes.Furthermore, Mable’s mobile app brings a new level of convenience and control to individuals with migraines. Leveraging advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, the app enables users to anticipate and manage migraine events more effectively. By identifying triggers and warning signs, the app empowers patients to take proactive measures, such as modifying their environment or utilizing preventive medications, to reduce the impact of migraines on their daily lives.


Mable (Neurolytic Healthcare) is spearheading a transformative shift in neurological care. Through their genomics-based approach and personalized medicine solutions, they are bringing hope and improved outcomes to individuals with neurological conditions. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and innovative insights, Mable is revolutionizing the field of healthcare and paving the way for a future where precision medicine becomes the norm.




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