Startup Showcase: Mezcla – Celebrating Food, Art & Community with Innovative Plant Protein Bars

Revolutionizing the Protein Bar Industry with Crave-Worthy Flavors and Textures


Welcome to’ Startup Showcase! In this edition, we are thrilled to introduce you to Mezcla, a New York-based startup that is disrupting the protein bar industry with their innovative and delicious plant-based protein bars. Mezcla is on a mission to create better-for-you snacks that celebrate food, art, and community. Join us as we delve into their unique approach, exciting product, and the amazing growth potential this startup has to offer.

Redefining Protein Bars with Puff-Crispy Innovation

At Mezcla, they are challenging the conventional notion of protein bars. Their flagship product, the Puff-Crispy, is a game-changer in the industry. Unlike traditional slab-style bars, Mezcla has created a bar with a crunchy texture by utilizing puffed pea protein. This innovative approach not only delivers a satisfying crunch but also provides a plant-based alternative for those seeking protein-rich snacks. By prioritizing texture and flavor, Mezcla is setting a new standard for protein bars.

Blending Plant-Based Power with Crave-Worthy

Flavors Mezcla understands that taste is key when it comes to snacking. Their protein bars combine plant-based power with irresistible flavors. With options like Dark Chocolate Berry, Lemon Cashew Poppyseed, and Peanut Butter Churro, Mezcla offers a diverse range of taste experiences that cater to various preferences. By infusing their bars with invigorating flavors, Mezcla is redefining the perception of healthy snacking and proving that nutritious doesn’t have to mean boring.

Building a Community around Health and Art

Mezcla’s vision extends beyond creating great-tasting protein bars. They believe in the power of community and the intersection of food and art. Mezcla collaborates with local artists to design their packaging, making each bar a work of art. By supporting and showcasing artists, Mezcla aims to foster a sense of connection and appreciation for creativity. Furthermore, the company actively engages with its community through social media, events, and partnerships, creating a space for individuals to come together and celebrate a shared love for food, art, and wellbeing.

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Mezcla is a startup that is not afraid to challenge the status quo. With their innovative Puff-Crispy bars, they are redefining what a protein bar can be. By prioritizing textures, flavors, and community, Mezcla is revolutionizing the way we approach healthy snacking. This is just the beginning for Mezcla, as they continue to expand their line of plant-based products and inspire a movement towards better-for-you snacks that are truly enjoyable.





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