Startup Showcase: Mokki Revolutionizes Discarding with Circular Economy


In a world where consumption and waste are major concerns, Mokki is leading the charge to make the circular economy the new normal. This startup is transforming the way people discard their unwanted items, creating a one-stop destination for reselling, donating, and recycling. With its innovative approach, Mokki empowers individuals and landlords to make a positive social and environmental impact while simplifying the overall process. Let’s delve into the groundbreaking initiatives of Mokki and how it is revolutionizing sustainable living.

Making Discarding Effortless: Mokki’s Hubs

Mokki understands that the process of discarding unwanted items can be overwhelming. To tackle this issue, the company has strategically placed hubs across Paris, providing convenient drop-off points for users. These hubs act as centralized locations where individuals can easily resell, donate, or recycle their items. By creating a physical presence in the city, Mokki ensures that users can effortlessly participate in the circular economy and contribute to a more sustainable future.

A Digital App for Real-Time Impact Measurement

Mokki’s commitment to transparency and accountability sets it apart from traditional discarding methods. The startup has developed a user-friendly digital app that allows individuals to track their social and environmental impact in real-time. By using the app, users can monitor the positive changes they are making by reselling, donating, or recycling their items through Mokki. This feature not only motivates users to continue their sustainable practices but also raises awareness about the significance of their actions.

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Empowering Users and Landlords for a Sustainable Future

Mokki recognizes that achieving a truly sustainable future requires collective effort. To foster this collaboration, the startup actively engages both users and landlords. By partnering with landlords, Mokki ensures the availability of drop-off hubs in various locations, making it even more convenient for users to participate in the circular economy. Through this collaboration, Mokki creates a network of sustainable discarding solutions that benefits individuals, communities, and the planet as a whole.


Mokki is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we discard items. By embracing the principles of the circular economy, this startup has created a seamless platform for reselling, donating, and recycling. With its strategically located hubs, user-friendly app, and commitment to empowering individuals and landlords, Mokki is making sustainable living accessible and impactful. Join the movement and be part of the positive change that Mokki is bringing to the world.




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